Eurovision 2015

NORWAY : Finalists and Songs For Melodi Grand Prix 2016 Released

Artists meet at MGP16

NORWAY are determined to play catch-up with their Swedish neighbours and win some more Eurovision titles. Today NRK have released the artists that will compete to represent the country in Stockholm – where for one delegation the cost of living will be lower in Stockholm!

This year NRK has a new team in place for their Eurovision selection so we can see what they have brought to the table for us all to enjoy – SEE HERE

Like last year the identities of the Norwegian finalists will be released one at a time on NRK1 and you will hear a clip of the songs.

This will be a LIVE ROLLING BLOG – so refresh the page to see who else has been selected to try and gain Norway their 4th victory at Eurovision. The fun begins at 12:10 CET so keep coming back to us ever 5 mins for a further update on who is through to the MGP16 Final.

The cover picture is a teaser of 2 of the singers. We believe that one of the artists is 15 and will be 16 come May – cutting it fine!

So keep refreshing this page for acts being announced!


You can listen to 20 seconds or each of the songs by CLICKING HERE


Press 1


Act 1 – Suite 16 – ‘Annalis’

Suite 16

Suite 16 are a band formed by David Eriksen with MGP and Eurovision in mind.


Act 2 – Stine Hole Ulla – ‘Traces’

Stine Hole Ulla

Stine won Norske Talenter aged 17

Act 3 – Stage Dolls – ‘Into The Fire’

Stage Dolls

The band have been going since 1984, their biggest hit was ;Love Don’t Bother Me’ and Stage Dolls were well known in Norway during the 80s

Act 4 – Elouiz – ‘History’


Elouiz has released several singles over the last few years. She’s Swedish but has lived in Norway since she was 6 years old.

Act 5 – Freddy Kalas – ‘Happy Rush’

Freddy Kalas


Freddy a Christmas hit called ‘Hey Ho’ and also a #1 record  called ‘Pinne For Landet’ last year.

Act 6 – Makeda – ‘Stand Up’


Makeda is a former ‘The Voice’ contestant in Norway.

Act 7 – Pegasus – ‘Anyway’


Pegasus won the Spellemann award in 2012 for danceband of the year.

Act 8 – Laila Samuels – ‘Afterglow’

Laila Samuels

Laila has participated in MGP as a composer previously. She is singing ‘Afterglow’. She was part of the girl group the Tuesdays who had a Massive hit in Norway with the song ‘Its up to you’ in the late 1990s

Act 9 – Hungry Hearts featuring Lise Dillan

Hungry Hearts

Hungry Hearts are an Art Performance Act and have drafted in the support of Lise especially for Melodi Grand Prix.

Act 10 – Agnete Johnsen – ‘Icebreaker’


Agnete competed MGP Jr in the band the Black Sheep’s. They won and their song was a hit in 2008 ‘Oro jaska beana’ but the also came second to Stella Mwangi at MGP in 2011.


Full people


There you have it! The 10 acts for Melodi Grand Prix 2016. The full songs will be published by NRK on February 2nd.


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