Eurovision 2015

NETHERLANDS : A New song from Douwe Bob Ahead of Eurovision

douwe bob - History

NETHERLANDS – We are certainly looking forward to seeing Douwe Bob perform on the stage at Eurovision 2016. What song might he sing?

Well funny you ask that question as this video has just been posted of a 3 minute song of Douwe performing a new song acoustically.

The song is called ‘History’ and is certainly a country song that we would love to see at Eurovision (unless it is a cover version of a country classic 😉  ) . A story tellers song with Douwe’s lilting vocals, this would be a treat in Stockholm!

We don’t believe this to be his Eurovision entry but what do you think of this ‘History’? Would you like it to be the Dutch entry? Could it bring The Netherlands victory at Eurovision?

Comment Below!

Thanks to Miriam Houkes for the video.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. It won’t be the song as THE song will be uptempo and not be revealed befoee 2nd of march. He is busy recording a new album now, so this could be one of its tracks.

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