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UK : Eurovision 2016 Selection Process – Further Details as of November 30th

UK Selection Details

UK Selection Details

The BBC are ‘in it to win it’ as they say. Eurovision Ireland has exclusively learnt more details on the selection process that will help to choose the UK’s entry for Eurovision 2016.

Last week we told you how the OGAE Members from the UK had begun to shortlist the country’s entries (Read Here) – well we can now reveal further details as of today November 30th.

Details of OGAE Selection Process


  • 45 members of OGAE have been selected to sit on the selection panel
  • These 45 people are split into 5 groups of 9 people
  • The individuals were selected to provide a proportionate representation of the public ie Age, Demographic etc
  • Each of the 5 groups will have a different set of songs to review
  • Each Member will be asked to review 60 songs and select their Top 5 songs by December 14th
  • These votes will then create an overall top 5 songs from each of the 5 groups.
  • This then creates a shortlist of 25 songs overall
  • A new panel of 10 OGAE members will then listen to the 25 songs on the shortlist for further selection


So the BBC are placing a considerable amount of confidence and responsibility in the Eurovision fans and members of OGAE.

What do you think of the selection process? Will 25 songs give a strong variety of musical genres for the UK? Let us know your thoughts.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. What I think:

    (1) It’s very generous of the OGAE UK to provide all this free labor to the BBC.

    (2) It’s also very brave of them to volunteer to take the blame this year when (not if) it all goes horribly wrong.

    (3) We’ll soon have some insight into what British Eurovision fans think would make a good Eurovision entry. This should be … illuminating.

    (4) 45 volunteers. 300 songs. One hard deadline, two weeks away. What could possibly go wrong?

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