BELGIUM : Finalist Song Titles Released for Eurovision 2016 Selection

Eurosong 2016

BELGIUM – VRT began their Eurosong selection process last Sunday and we saw the 5 contestants perform former Eurovision classics.

Now VRT has released the song titles that the contestants will perform to represent Belgium in Stockholm.


Adil Aarab – In Our Nature (A pop song with a purpose according to the official Eurosong website)
Amaryllis Uitterlinden – Kick The Habit (Another pop song that will probably be somewhat addictive if I’m guessing)
Astrid Destuyver – Everybody Aches (A soul and electronic ballad. Do you think REM will be keeping a close eye on this one?)
Laura Tesoro – What’s The Pressure (Funkpop. I’m thinking an ‘Uptown Funk’ vibe)
Tom Frantzis – I’m Not Lost (‘Power Pop’ – I’m expecting to explode with this one)


The next show is this Sunday and viewing details HERE

I’m already feeling a potential #MagicMic (SEE HERE) moment coming along with a song titled ‘Everybody Aches’. Guessing it’s for the more mature Eurovision fan like myself with the trials and tribulations of old-age or worse still I will love it and dance myself into a slipped disc!

What can one tell from a name? Not a lot. What can one tell from the Eurosong website’s descriptions? Not a lot. Am I interested? Hell yeah!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : VRT

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