AUSTRALIA : The Path For Deltra Goodrem To Eurovision 2016 Is Now Cleared


Australia made their competing début at Eurovision 2015 with Guy Sebastian and Europe liked it! So they return to the contest, but who will represent them in Stockholm.

It has been widely speculated that their act could be the internationally successful singer, songwriter and actress Delta Goodrem, but there had been some obstacles in her way to get to Stockholm. However some super sleuthing work from EurovisionByJazz (great site take a look at them) has uncovered some interesting developments.


So Why Could Delta Goodrem Be On Course For Eurovision? 


Well we all know that Goodrem joint composed Australia’s entry at this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest – Bella Paige’s ‘My Girls’. So she has tested the waters of the Eurovision family and already went Top 10 at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Time for her to come personally to the party.


But What About ‘Cats’?

Goodrem is currently playing the lead role of Grizabella in the Andrew Lloyd Weber musical of ‘Cats’ in Australia. That ruled her out of coming to Eurovision as you can’t really be in 2 places at once. Well let’s just remove ‘Cats’ as an issue.

The show is now set to be taken around Australia but if you go to buy a ticket for the shows from March through to the end of May you will get the message on the ticketing site saying – SEE HERE

“It has not been confirmed who will be playing the role of Grizabella…and an announcement will be made in the near future.”

So now the double booking of ‘Cats’ and Eurovision has been removed.


But What About ‘The Voice Of Australia’?


Yes Goodrem has responsibilities as a returning judge on Australia’s successful show ‘The Voice’. Well if Goodrem is up for a busy few months then this and Eurovision is still possible. The nice production team at ‘The Voice’ have scheduled the blind audition phase and the live shows with a considerable gap thus allowing Goodrem the opportunity to leave the ‘Merry Old Land of Oz’ and make it to the home of IKEA in time for Eurovision.


But Sony Music Helped SBS With Guy Sebastian At Eurovision?

SBS (Australian National Broadcaster) selected Guy Sebastian for Eurovision 2015. Their experience was invaluable to SBS and was a big reason to them being able to send an artist of his stature to Eurovision. Call it coincidence or the stars aligning but guess what record label Delta Goodrem is signed too? You got it in one – Sony Music! So the precedent is set and a working relationship is there.


So what have you learnt? Well the clash of schedules with performing in ‘Cats’ the musical and being a judge on ‘The Voice’ have been removed. Goodrem is with Sony Music and she has a new album to select a song for Eurovision from.



But What’s In It For Delta Goodrem?

Well would you believe it but Goodrem has a new album being released in Europe in early 2016. The first song to be taken from the album ‘Wings’ has been released onto the airwaves across the 4 corners of our continent. If ‘Wings’ is an indication of the music on offer, then we are in for a treat. Also worth noting that ‘Wings’ is just a tad over 3 minutes long and just missed out on the September 1st release date for Eurovision 2016, but things are looking good.


In case Goodrem is taking a well deserved rest then we have some suggestions on who could represent Australia at Eurovision where we predicted Guy Sebastian last year – READ HERE

Would Delta Goodrem be a good representative for Australia at Eurovision 2016?

Let us know.


Author/Editor in Chief – Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision By Jazz and Eurovision Ireland


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