AUSTRALIA : We review 5 Australian singers that should be considered for Eurovision 2015

Australian Potential Singers for Eurovision 2015

Australian Potential Singers for Eurovision 2015

AUSTRALIA : We review 5 Australian singers that should be considered for Eurovision 2015

With the news still buzzing around social media (like bees to a honey dipped chocolate bar covered in jam) that Australia will be a contestant at Eurovision 2015, we thought it necessary to turn our attention to who might be a likely candidate to represent ‘The Land From Down Under’ in Vienna.

Now unfortunately for us, if your last name isn’t Minogue or if you haven’t acted on either ‘Neighbours’ of ‘Home and Away’, then our knowledge of ‘Whose Hot and Whose Not’ in Australia is somewhat lacking ‘Ooh…Aah..Just A Little Bit’. With that in mind we decided to call in a good friend of the site who is “Down With Da Kidz” to tell us who to keep an eye on for a possible selection for Australia at Eurovision 2015.

Yes we asked our good friend Ms Emma Backfish from the #FAB Eurovision site ‘Meanwhile In Europe’ to impart her infinite music wisdom on acts from the ‘Merry Old land of Oz’. Check out her website and also her great Radio Shows that she does every 2 weeks from America. You can check out her Radio Shows HERE. Well worth a listen.

Here is who Emma thinks you should look out for when SBS announce their Act for Eurovision in the first week of March.

Emma’s Thoughts

I’m a tad bit critical about the news that Australia will take part in the Eurovision Song Contest this May in Vienna, but there’s no denying that the quality of music emerging from Down Under is high, and hopefully that means we’re in for a treat with what they choose to send. While we’re all playing the “who should they send?” game again, as we did last year as they prepared for their interval act spot, here are a few names to throw into the pot:

Guy Sebastian

Guy was the inaugural winner of Australian Idol back in 2003, and his music career has only managed to continue to flourish since that win. He’s a frequent collaborator with American rapper Lupe Fiasco, and his latest album, “Madness”, features collaborations with 2 Chainz and Sage the Gemini. This might make it seem like he’s quite heavily footed in the Urban music scene, but the first single from this album, “Like A Drum” is a pop anthem – and I think something like this could really get the crowd going in Vienna.

Bonnie Anderson

After winning Australia’s Got Talent at the age of 12, Bonnie took several years off to enjoy her youth. Now, at the age of 19, she’s ready to make a mark for herself and has released several singles. She might not be a household name in Australia just yet (her highest chart placing in Australia was with “Blackout”, which broke the Top 20), but I can see her as the next big thing. What better place than Eurovision to showcase an up and coming talent?


Sheppard have already started charting around Europe with their second single “Geronimo” (there’s a great chance you’ve already heard it, basically) and in the past few days, performed on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” – one of America’s biggest late night programmes. They have style, infectious hooks, and would stand out on the Eurovision stage.

Samantha Jade

Samantha’s a past winner of The X Factor: Australia (and the first female winner on the series, at that!) and has become a recognizable name in pop music not only in Australia, but has also broken the top 10 in Russia. She’s supporting boyband One Direction on their Australian tour currently, and could start to attract even more international eyes in 2015. Her name is already on the wishlist of many Eurovision fans, and she’d be sure to put on a great performance in Vienna.

Havana Brown

I’m not as familiar with Havana’s back catalogue as I am with some of the other artists I’ve featured, but for some reason, her name popped into my head quickly after the announcement of Australia’s participation. She’s a bit brash, she’s in your face, and would definitely provide a memorable stage show in Vienna. She’s already charted around Europe several times (most notably with her collaboration with Pitbull in 2011 – “We Run the Night”) and might be looking to get back in the international spotlight. She also has a song from 2013 called “Warrior” – clearly ahead of the 2015 trend!


So there you have it. Five hot pieces of musical Aussie property that Emma thinks could light up the Eurovision stage for Australia.

Tell us what you think? Which of them could possibly win Eurovision for Australia? Is this the year that another debuting country wins the contest? Let us know.

Thanks to Emma again from Meanwhile in Europe. Check out her SITE HERE. You won’t be disappointed!


Guest Author : Emma Backfish

Source : Meanwhile in Europe and Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Memo to all other entrants in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest:

    Your national finals, internal selections, and any other song-finding efforts you may be considering have just been rendered obsolete; Australia IS going to win Eurovision 2015.
    For you see it matters not about the Aussies’ choice of artist or style of song, they shall be victorious on May 23rd.
    The decision has been made, the die has been cast, the gods have spoken. So mote it be…

    Memo to Australia:

    Well played, you crafty Antipodean scalawags. Well played.

      • I’m completely serious in my assertion, though. I think the novelty factor (for want of a better term) of Australia’s participation this year is going to bag them a TON of votes. I will be genuinely shocked if they don’t run away with the whole thing, regardless of the song, at the grand final.

        I’m afraid it’s a race for second place for the rest of us…

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