Eurovision 2015

RUSSIA : 20 Million People Watch Eurovision’s Alex Sparrow Go ‘Crazy’

Alex 2

Who thought that looking at someone going ‘Crazy’ would be so popular. That is the case for Alex Sparrow as 20 million people have done just that to the 2011 Eurovision singer.

We love a bit of Alex Sparrow here at Eurovision Ireland and it is great to see him doing so well after his life threatening car accident some years back.

The song Сумасшедшая/SHE’S CRAZY BUT SHE’S MINE’ was released in the summer and has now reached over 20 million views on the Russian version of the song alone. Alex celebrated this milestone on Instagram as he composed the song himself and also directed the video. Directing seems to be one of his passions and the video for ‘Сумасшедшая’ is a 4 minute slapstick romp with a couple intent on killing the other. Call it a musical version of the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

As for the song, this is a groovy jazz infused pop tune with old school trumpets giving this some serious flava! Damn he should come back to Eurovision with something like this and it would be a huge success.

Here is the English version of the song and it sounds #Awesome too! Alex is still signed to RedOne’s record label and looks like he is going from strength to strength.

What do you make of the song and the video?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Have now listened to this song for the 20th-plus time – and it seems to get shorter each play. Tremendously catchy song , great inventive video with lots of twists and turns and certainly one to brighten up any party, especially with the odd prankster to help it along. With a nod to Pasha’s Moldovan entry of 2012 (especially with the trumpets) this would have been a sure-fire hit for Eurovision, although the ‘advert’ for the fast food outlet would have had to be amended.

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