CYPRUS Interview with Minus One : “You literally feel your brain wiggling and your man parts trying to win their independence, just like Quebec!”

Minus One. Photo : Facebook

Minus One. Photo : Facebook

CYPRUS Interview with Minus One : “You literally feel your brain wiggling and your man parts trying to win their independence, just like Quebec!” 

Eurovision Ireland caught up with Minus One who are in the Final of the Cypriot Eurovision 2015 National Final. To say that this is one of the funniest and interesting interviews that we have ever done over email is an UNDERSTATEMENT! The Boys of Rock – NO make that MEN of Rock – entertained, informed, educated and PUT us in our place and “Nobody puts baby in the corner” but they did and with style!

Interested? You sure as hell should be! Read on. They even sent us a video message 😉

Question : ‘Minus One’ can you tell us how you got the name for the band and how did you come together?

We were all working on different projects and in 2009 it happened that the current members were free at the same time to start something new.
‘Minus One’ is actually a cover band in Cyprus. Internationally we go by the name ‘Marianne’s Wish’. Aaaaaaaaand let me explain……
When we released our first album in 2012 we didn’t want people that would search us up on the social networks to find hundreds of videos of us playing covers.

This way, when you google us or go on YouTube you will find only our original videos and songs. We now have 2 albums and 4 video clips as Marianne’s Wish. We have toured the USA playing at legendary venues such as ‘Whiskey a Go Go’ in LA,’The Knitting Factory’ in New York and we have also performed at SXSW in Austin Texas which is considered the largest and most prestigious musical gathering on the planet. We have also done shows in England and Greece. So…Why enter as Minus One instead of Marianne’s Wish you ask? Since the format Cyprus chose was such, we knew we had a better chance passing through Cyprus as Minus One as more people know us here by that name.
Question : In your audition, you performed ‘Poupée de cire, poupée de son’, along with your prospective song ‘Shine’. What made you decide to cover that particular song?

Our singer is half French and we like showing him off!

Question : Minus One are a rock band. Did you have any reservations in entering the Cypriot Eurovision Selection? Do you think you are breaking down stereotypes that people have about music that is performed at Eurovision?

The truth is we don’t really care. Music is music! If you have a good act and you have the chance to be exposed to 300 million people there is nothing to be snobbish about. This decision was made at a bar after a few fine brews. We were talking about arranging some shows in Europe and then the ESC came up and we said “What the hell, why not, another one for the bucket list”. The next morning of course we were calling each other on the phone and we were like “Are we really gonna do this?” but hey, you’re Irish, you know what I’m talking about!

Question : Your song ‘Shine’ – can you tell us what the song is about?

Yes we could, but then again you can go back and listen to the lyrics again. If you don’t get it then I guess we didn’t do a good job.
Question : ‘Shine’ The song has a very West Coast of the USA sound about it. Who are your influences?

This is always a great but rather difficult question. There are 5 of us so we all have our influences and preferences. In general the band does have a more “American” sound. Probably because most of the popular stuff coming out the last couple of decades is from there. We still hold on to the golden days of the greats who were all from the UK. All of the band members would agree having being influenced by The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Sting, Black Sabbath and they are the ones that influenced what later became a more “American” sound.

Question : If you could have a famous guest performer in your band, who would it be and why?

We have already had Doug Aldrich, guitarist of Whitesnake as a guest for a show and it was so much fun. Doug Aldrich, just give us Doug Aldrich again!!
Question : Now when you found out that you had made the Cypriot final we want to know how you celebrated as we think that you guys are good party animals?

Most of us put on our Superman slippers, made a cup of tea with some digestive biscuits and watched the final episode of “The Desperate Housewives” for the 9th time
Question : We can clearly see that you have some amazing tattoos. Tell us who has the most tattoos in the band and where is the most unusual place that one of you has a tattoo and what is it of?

Clearly our drummer Chris J has the most. We really don’t know if any one of us has tattoos in unusual places because that would just be weird!
We do know that Chris has a huge back piece of a mask that is unfinished, he claims (Who am I kidding, I’m Chris, I’m the one writing this)
where was I, ah yes, “HE” claims that it is unfinished because at the very last session the tattoo had reached down to his buttbone. For those who do not know, this is a unique experience. You literally feel your brain wiggling and your man parts trying to win their independence, just like Quebec!
He punched the wall and got the hell out of there.

Question : Cyprus is back in the Contest after a one-year break. If you get to Vienna, how would you sell Cyprus to the world?

The only thing we can promise is to be ourselves. That being said, Europe WILL notice Cyprus this year! On a more serious note, we love representing Cyprus and we do try to promote the island any chance we get. We have done it in the past and we are looking forward to doing it at the ESC. Cyprus is extremely beautiful and maybe we can do through music what ministries have been failing to do for decades.
Question : What has being in the selection process so far taught you about yourselves?

Absolutely nothing!
Question : What would you like people to think about Minus One following your participation in the Eurovision Song Challenge?

It would make us really happy if they check out our music as “Marianne’s Wish”
here is the link to one of our Music Videos.

Question : You have been very popular with the readers of our site across Europe. What would you like to say to them?

Ending this we would like to say the trite but so true, Hope to see and meet you all in Vienna or any other European venue soon!

Well the team here at Eurovision Ireland thoroughly enjoyed that interview. We sincerely doubt that ‘Desperate Housewives’ will be watched if Minus One win in Cyprus on February 1st.

You can see more of Minus One on Facebook and Twitter and don’t forget to look at them also on Marianne’s Wish on Twitter and Facebook .

So we wish Minus One ‘Good Luck’ and ‘Καλή τύχη’ and ‘Bonne Chance’

Author/Editor : John Stanton and Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Wow they are amazing!! Minus One ( or Marianne’s Wish) have such great music. And Europe already loves Shine already. Hope to see them in the Austrian Finals. They will definitely make it to the top 10 there. Maybe even top 3. I have always been good at predicting 🙂

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