Tickets Go On Sale Today!

Eurovision 2016 Tickets

Can you spare a Lev or two? We hope so as Tickets for the contest are on sale today!

You’ve been warned so no tears if they are sold out before you get yours!

Tickets for this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest are on sale now!

Tickets can be purchased through the official ticket agent in Bulgaria, Eventim. Tickets for the Grand Final Live Show are on sale now. Further tickets for the Jury Final, and Friday afternoon rehearsal, will follow go on sale at a later date.


How Much Will The Tickets Cost?


Tickets for the Live Grand Final are priced in five categories:

  • 40 lev
  • 45 lev
  • 50 lev
  • 60 lev
  • 80 lev – “VIP category”
Seating Plan 2015 for Junior Eurovision

Seating Plan 2015 for Junior Eurovision


In a wonderful show of support to children – the prices for children under the age of 14 are 50% lower than the prices stated above

The standing area for the live show is not for sale, as this will be given to local school children.

Tickets may be collected at the Eventim Pick-up centre in Sofia for a cost of 2lev, while they can be sent by courier to anywhere in Europe for 90lev.

1 Bulgarian LEV is about 50 Cent(Euro)

You can buy your Tickets HERE


Are you coming? How can they sell the tickets so cheaply? Could I pass for an under 14-year-old 🙂


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Junior Eurovision

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