Eurovision 2015

REVIEW : Spain’s Ruth Lorenzo releases an English song ‘Echo’

Ruth Lorenzo - 'Echo'

Ruth Lorenzo – ‘Echo’

Discovered on the UK’s X-Factor, represented Spain at Eurovision and now a new song back in English. The ‘Dancing in the Rain’ star returns with the infectious song ‘Echo’ – what do we make of it?

Well we are still getting over Ruth’s performance last week as Sinead O’Connor on ‘Your Face Sounds Familiar To Me’ show in Spain – Read about it HERE

So what about Echo? 

We think it is by far her best song that she has released since competing at Eurovision in 2014. This is an upbeat song that packs a punch in the chorus – just like a Muhammad Ali right hook!

It is very Demi Lovato as it adds pop, electro and rock into the musical blender and what you get is a refreshing song more fruity than a McDonald’s Smoothie!

As the song title suggests there is a definite ‘Echo’ in the chorus that you can’t get out of your head. I’ve just played the song to one of the toughest critics I know – my 6-year-old niece – and she loved it! Let me tell you that she is not shy in coming forward when she doesn’t like something. She thinks it is very Katy Perry!

Whoever it reminds you of the song is a cracking pop gem and we have seen some fans on-line asking for Lorenzo to return to Eurovision for Spain. She has openly said she would like to return to the contest. Might it be a tad too soon to return?

We digress – we love ‘Echo’ and we have it on our iTunes already and you can do so too HERE

Marks out of 12 – Oh it has to be a Douze Points!

What do you think of ‘Echo’? Will it be a hit across Europe? Would you like to see Ruth back at Eurovision?

Let us know!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland



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