Eurovision 2015

SWEDEN : 10 Reasons Why Stockholm Should Host Eurovision 2016

Eurovision 2016

Eurovision 2016

SWEDEN : 10 Reasons Why Stockholm Should Host Eurovision 2016

With a new Eurovision Song Contest only 11 months away (we can’t wait that long) we will start our journey to Sweden 2016 with articles from some of our good Swedish Friends who will give us their take on Sweden’s 6th hosting of the contest!

Today we have the #Fabulous Lilian Brunell who a lot of Eurovision fans will know. She has her Blog aptly called ‘Lilian’s Eurovision Blogspot’ and you can visit it by clicking HERE 

Lilian lives in the Swedish capital Stockholm. So we asked her to give us 10 reasons why SVT (Swedish National Broadcaster) should select the city to host the contest for a 3rd time! Here is what she had to say.


10 reasons why Stockholm is the ultimate hosting city of Eurovision Song Contest 2016.


1. Stockholm is built on islands, some say 14, some say 17. How often do you have a chance to do island-hopping in a Eurovision-capital? Great to escape from people or off-key performers – just take the ferry to one of the islands!

Stockholm - The Capital of Scandinavia

Stockholm – The Capital of Scandinavia

2. Stockholm is the capital of Sweden. Our slogan is “Capital of Scandinavia” according to Stockholm Visitors Board . You may also call us “The Venice of the North” or “Beauty on Water”. Isn’t that a perfect image for a ESC hosting city? Now we don’t know if Lilian was talking about the city or the inhabitants of Stockholm as in case you haven’t noticed – THEY are #Stunning looking!


3. Stockholm is the engine in the Swedish tourism industry with airline connections to 50 countries and with a hotel capacity around 20.000 rooms a night. So nobody will have a sleepless night! In fact you could book yourself 2 rooms a night (well if you could afford it)


4. Stockholm is one of the world’s favourite, award-winning gay and lesbian destinations. Imagine Eurovision music flowing from the gay-friendly establishments to attract the huge international ESC-crowd. My Rainbow Flag is getting considerably bigger at the thought! We are all for that here! But for the millions of heterosexual lovers of Eurovision Stockholm is one major party city!

Happy Dublin Gay Pride. Photograph Courtesy of Dublin Pride FaceBook

Photograph Courtesy of Dublin Pride FaceBook


5. The Eurovision slogan in Vienna was ‘Building Bridges’. Believe it or not – it has been adapted among the political parties in Stockholm city council. Both the right and left wings agree for once and will cooperate and do their utmost to bring Eurovision to Stockholm. Hurrah! For once it would be ok to say that Eurovision is a Political Contest with everyone getting on so well in Stockholm!


6. In Stockholm modernity meets tranquillity – just like a line-up of Eurovision entries. Can you feel the IKEA Zen as we speak!


7. Recycling idea number 1. The Globe is still one of the landmarks in Stockholm. It has passed 16 years since this building hosted Eurovision year 2000. It’s not the most updated venue when it comes to facilities but I’m sure the press area can be placed in a tent nearby… Recycling is trendy and we would love to “ESC-recycle” the Globe. Eurovision Goes Green and we don’t just mean Ireland!


8. Recycling idea number 2. Ask Nokia to become one of the sponsors. We can reuse their old slogan “connecting people” and save some money for the Swedish broadcaster SVT. To connect people should be the aim in the world of Eurovision. Okay – this recycling idea might also work in Gothenburg but the response will be bigger in Stockholm. After all Stockholm has about 2,2 million inhabitants in the metropolitan area while Gothenburg has about half of this number. BIG is Beautiful and Size DOES Matter!!!

9. Food Glorious Food! Cooking is fun. With Eurovision in Stockholm I will stay at home for two weeks, busy cooking for my friends who need a break from the Eurovision-mania. Sorry – but I will have no time for artist interviews or Eurovision-reports. Just a small request dear friends! Please bring you own booze and wine. Alcohol is expensive in Sweden. FOOD – We are there but go easy on the carbs as we are on a diet!


10. “Take a chance on me” as ABBA sang. Well, take a chance to visit the ABBA-museum and take a chance to meet me as well – somewhere in the Eurovision-bubble. If you can’t find me in the press centre, look for the kitchen.


Well if Lilian’s 10 reasons hasn’t swayed you to want Stockholm to host Eurovision 2016 then you are…..Dead on the inside!

So join Lilian in her Kitchen in Stockholm in 2016!

Hej då och välkommen till Stockholm!

All the best from Lilian


Guest Author : Lilian Brunell

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