BELGIUM : Axel Hirsoux returns without his ‘Mother’ but with Matisse from Britain’s Got Talent

Axel Hirsoux. Photo : Facebook

Axel Hirsoux. Photo : Facebook

Cutting the apron strings and leaving his ‘Mother’s’ side, we are very happy to see Belgium’s 2014 Eurovision representative Axel Hirsoux back!

Haut L’humain‘ or ‘High, The Human‘ is for me the song that Axel should have taken to Eurovision. Singing in French has a special style and class about it and this is timeless yet contemporary.

The video has JENGA – yes one of my favourite games – and it has what looks like the winning dog ‘Matisse’ from last night’s Britain’s Got Talent Grand Final in it. Who doesn’t like a cute dog! It all sounds so cliché like a Basim ‘Love Song’ and shouldn’t work – BUT IT DOES!

A classic love song will always shine through. Remember those great songs from France and Luxembourg throughout Eurovision, well this is one of them and it has a slight country twang to it mid way through. Love It!

This is the style of song that sits with Axel’s voice so comfortably. We are #Loving ‘Haut L’humain’.

The video and song were released just now and what a nice way to start the month of June!

You can download the song on iTunes HERE

Marks out of 12 – Oh Axel we have to give you Douze Points – Bravo!!!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. “‘Haut L’humain‘ or ‘High, The Human‘ is for me the song that Axel should have taken to Eurovision.”

    I don’t think so, look what happened to the MARVELOUS song of France this year !
    Obviously people don’t understand this anymore and that’s VERY SAD !

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