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Members of this years Eurovision 2015 Eurovision Ireland Team as you have never seen them before.

At every Eurovision Song contest, one of the big talking points is the fashion and fashion faux pas. There is even an award handed out to the outfit voted the worst by fans – The Barbara Dex Award. There have been many glorious winners of this award over the years including Gisela 2008, Verka Serduchka 2007 and of course Barbara Dex herself in 1993.

Bearing this in mind, I was instructed to create an article on some of the unseen Eurovision fashion “own goals” that we are privileged to see as members of the accredited press. So I decided where better to look than the members of the Eurovision Ireland team so sit back, and enjoy my run down of the Top 5 Eurovison Ireland fashion victories/disasters – you decide!!!!


In 5th Place we have our newest recruit to the team James Scanlan. He does not have an accreditation this year but is out in Austria with the team fulfilling a very valuable role, supporting us with filming, photos and editing out with the Eurovision Press Centre. Below he can be seen wearing his interpretation of this years Georgian entry with his  ‘Warrior’ style headdress – he did not realise that he was not expected to wear the whole warrior to pull off this look.


In 4th Place we have author/editor Andrew James Main who can be seen sporting his great great great Grandfather’s tweed jacket along with his “ironed to within an inch of their lives” fold over cuffs. Andrew was going through his “Dino Merlin” phase at this point in his life.and cultivated his beard for several months in the run up to this performance. The beard is now a permanent feature of Andrew’s face. Luckily he gave Tom Dice his guitar back in time before his entry for Belgium became just ‘Me’ lol




In 3rd place we have author/editor John Stanton who is wearing “Slovakia” – the whole of Slovakia!!! He has adopted the drunken little old lady look and if you ask me he wears is fabulously well. You may also note that he was sporting the “bearded lady” look long before Conchita Wurst. He has the “you have been naughty and I will peer at you over the rim of my spectacles” expression which he has shown me many times over the year. The question is – will we ever see this look again. Slovakia have not entered the contest since 2012 so John may have to think of a different designer for his next outfit.




Taking 2nd spot is me – author/editor Elaine Dove. I was channeling my inner “Mirela” and spent several months in hair and make up to achieve the back comb effect. The white fabric accentuates my slim *cough* *splutter* figure and the skirt is delicately made with coat hangers and Minnie Mouse’s hair bow attached to my backside!!! It is quite incredible to think that I was the most normal looking person on the stage at this point. It was difficult to get this “fashion disaster” picture of myself as it is very rare that I look anything other than demure and low-key!



and finally , taking the No 1 spot ……………………………………………………..

It is our esteemed Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall – our very own Horny Superhero



He is caped up and ready to go to lead us through the next 2 weeks of Eurovision press centre madness! I can guarantee there may need to be another article posted on this same topic at the end of the 2 weeks and I fully expect there to be many more “interesting” fashion items to be paraded whilst we are in Vienna.

Do you agree with the Top 5?

Author/Editor: Elaine Dove

Source: Eurovision Ireland



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