AUSTRIA : Two new songs released by Conchita Wurst today! Take a listen.

Conchita in Switzerland. Photo : SRF

Conchita in Switzerland. Photo : SRF

The Queen of Europe and Eurovision has today released 2 new songs

Conchita Wurst will release her début album on May 15th. Simply called ‘Conchita’ the songs are by no means simple.

Today Conchita took the step of releasing two of the album tracks on YouTube. ‘Somebody To Love’ and ‘Up For Air’.

‘Somebody to Love’ is a mid tempo ballad composed by Sebastian Arman, Nicklas Lif, Dag Lundberg, Joacim Persson. A synth infused Pop and RnB song, this is layered with vocals in the chorus that make this a modern anthem. This song is full of hooks that grab you instantly. Conchita’s vocals take centre stage and flip into a higher register in parts which we haven’t heard before. This makes the song catchy as it is interesting. We are liking this one!

‘Up For Air’ – Well here it is! People have been calling out for an upbeat song and something that they can let their hair down to – well in my case ‘Shake what my Mama Gave Me’. This has a real Katy Perry vibe to it. A mix of beats that blend into each other seamlessly. We go from Pop to RnB to Dub Step. Change in beats are a vocal challenge when sung live but Conchita is so experienced at live performing as she has done it before and after Eurovision on an almost daily basis. This song certainly mixes it up!

What these 2 songs show is that Conchita is progressing with her style of music and more importantly her vocals. Both of these songs show that Conchita has extended her vocal range and it adds a further depth to her songs.

These songs show progression and offer a further glimpse into Conchita’s direction musically. Remember that you can pre-order ‘Conchita’ the album now HERE 

Conchita is getting ready to host the Green Room at Eurovision in Vienna – just a few weeks left now!

So tell us what you think of the 2 new songs? Should they become a future new release for Conchita? Let us know.

Thanks to our friend Sascha for the videos! See you in Vienna!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Hello! After listening to them carefully, and taking into account what you said of the two, I’ll Up for air. It is a new record and more present, although the medium-tempo ballads are never more! 😉

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