Eurovision 2015

SPAIN: Our thoughts on how Edurne should stage her Eurovision entry ‘Amanecer’

Edurne Official Video

Edurne Official Video

SPAIN: Our thoughts on how Edurne should stage her Eurovision entry ‘Amanecer’

So here are some more first thoughts on ‘How Should They Stage their song at Eurovision 2015’?

As one of the big ‘7’ countries this year – Spain are already guaranteed their place in the grand final on May 23rd in Vienna. This year Edurne takes on the mantle and a lot of people appear to have been surprised at the choice of song that she will perform on the night. Many Eurovision fans were expecting a strong belting uptempo number from Spain this year however they have chosen to go with a haunting ballad. In the last 10 years, Spain’s best result has been placing 10th in both the 2012 and 2014 contests and on both occasions they selected big female ballads sung by Pastora Soler and Ruth Lorenzo – perhaps it’s a great decision after all.

So the big important question – how should it be staged? Well many people feel that the song is too simple but sometimes people forget that less is more. I think keeping the staging simple and letting Edurne’s terrific voice do all the work would be the best bet. The dress MUST be floaty!!! There is definite potential for a wind machine when the chorus kicks in. There should also be some low billowing dry ice as the song builds.

The song is crying out for an earthy kind of back drop with clouds, dark skies, mountains, waterfalls etc. I’m thinking similar to Amaury Vassili  for France in 2011 as shown in the video below

Spain would definitely fall into the category of countries that have underachieved in the most recent years of Eurovision and they are looking to change that this year with ‘Amanecer’ – I think with simple staging and a great performance they have a chance of posting their best points total in recent years but…………….

What do you think?

Author/Editor: Elaine Dove

Source: Eurovision Ireland


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  1. The woman is a goddess – all of the focus should be on her and her vocals. Something like Pastora’s staging in 2012 wouldn’t be too far off the mark…

    • I thought you meant I was the goddess for a minute there Martin!!!! This is a superb song and being completely under rated if you ask me

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