DENMARK : Our thoughts on how Anti-Social Media should stage their Eurovision Entry ‘The way you are’

Anti-Social-Media. Photo : Facebook

Anti-Social-Media. Photo : Facebook

DENMARK : Our thoughts on how Anti-Social Media should stage their Eurovision Entry ‘The way you are’

So here are some more first thoughts on ‘How Should They Stage their song at Eurovision 2015’?

Our friends in London Denmark have had it quite peachy of late. Lots of appearances in finals, and the odd win thrown in for good measure. So hopes must be high of continuing this current run of good form. Indeed, the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix was considered one of the best national finals of the season. If you can’t remember what the other songs sounded like, here is a link to our rolling blog for the show, replete with official videos. Denmark, with what I’ve seen so far, I like the way you are!

Now the national performance is already fairly well-polished, so a basic repeat of this is what i would expect them to do on stage in Vienna. With a four-piece band (and two backing singers) it will be a no-brainer that they won’t be moving around much on stage. If there is a catwalk on the stage, then perhaps lead singer Philip could head down it towards the end of the song. The revolving drumkit needs to stay, as it might add that little something to squeeze a few extra points out of the viewers. I like the way the act has the two modern-day Moe Sisters featuring quite prominently, and they should definitely stay.

An optimistic song like this needs a bright backdrop. Not too busy though, or it will detract from the song. There could be a place for the lyric appearing behind the band, although this is getting a little old-hat now. They should generally keep it simple, to maintain the focus on the band.

As for what to wear, then they should definitely avoid the Jean-Paul Gaultier frocks as favoured by a former winner. Something where they’re not all dressed the same – again there’s a place for that and it’s not in a song like this.

In general, as I’ve mentioned at the top of the article, the MGP staging is how I would picture this song to be performed on 19 May. If you missed it, here is Anti Social Media’s MGP performance.

But what do you think?

Author/Editor: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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