Australia just KEEPS GIVING ‘Ooh Ah – Just A Little Bit More’ for Eurovision 2015 – See why!

Sydney Eurobash

Sydney Eurobash

Australia just KEEPS GIVING ‘Ooh Ah – Just A Little Bit More’ for Eurovision 2015 – See why!

At this rate Australia are more Eurovision than us here in Europe! They are just going crazy for contest ‘Down Under’ this year.

We told you of the festivities taking place in Melbourne on May 2nd, well not to be outdone, that other city you may have heard of – Sydney – have just announced that they will be hosting their first EVER Eurobash event too.

Now the phrase ‘Eurobash’ may sound familiar to you as they are the name of the Dublin Eurovision Events. Well one of our Irish sons has left our cold shores for the warmer climate of Australia – plus he is a sucker for a well stocked BBQ and fridge of Good Aussie Beer. Expect him to make a guest appearance on ‘Bondi Rescue’ if he is let near the sea! #JustSaying

I digress – Our good Friend Matt and friends have organised the first ever ‘Sydney Eurobash’ and it takes place on May 2nd. festivities begin at 19:30 local time!

So they start the night off in Sydney with a Eurovision trivia quiz. Places on the quiz are limited so get in touch via a private message to Phil James McNulty if you’d like to register yourself (+ friends). If your ESc trivia is hazy or you can’t get a spot on a team then you are more than welcome to join from this time and enjoy a drink at the bar. See – it is one big happy Eurobash Family!

Then it is time for you to stop the singing in the shower and get yourself on stage for ‘Eurovision Karaoke’! I don’t know about you but I think Karaoke is best served off-key and LOUD – well that is my story and I am sticking to it! Yes from 20.30pm the Sydney Eurovision fans will take to the stage! Again places are limited so please private message our Phil in advance. This poor Phil must have an Email Inbox the size of an elephant in a pair of speedos – BURSTING!

After Karaoke there is only one thing left to do and that is “Shake what your Mama gave you” in the The nightclub from around 21.30pm. The venue can only hold 120 as a max, and as this is a non ticketed event, so just get to the party sooner rather than later to avoid any disappointment. 


When, Where and How Much?


Set the date – Saturday May 2nd!

Set the Time – 19:30pm Sydney Time

Where – The Lava Lounge in the Burdekin Hotel on Oxford Street. SEE MAP/ADDRESS and DIRECTIONS HERE

Entry Fee – FREE. Yes you heard me correctly! FREE!

The Sydney Eurobash Team are already taking song requests on their Official Facebook Page. How good is that!

So there you have it. No excuses. If you are in Sydney – like thousands of our readers are thanks to a Tweet from the Bonza Guy Sebastian – then get yourself down to the First Sydney Eurobash and get your Eurovision Groove On!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurobash Sydney

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  1. I think I love Eurovisionireland. Very informative and with that Irish sense of humour we all love….very similar to Aussie humour. Guy Sebastian is due to do some TV appearances and will be a guest at Dutch TV show Life4You on Sunday!!

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