Eurovision 2015

MACEDONIA : Daniel Kajmakoski blossoms with his animated video for ‘Autumn Leaves’

Macedonia Official Video for 'Autumn Leaves'. Photos YouTube

Macedonia Official Video for ‘Autumn Leaves’. Photos YouTube

MACEDONIA : Daniel Kajmakoski blossoms with his animated video for ‘Autumn Leaves’

We are pretty sure that Daniel painted his way into the hearts of many of his fans today with the release of his official video for Eurovision 2015.

Daniel will indeed be performing in English and ‘Autumn Leaves’ steals the show on the cute factor in the video stakes. The story of the song and video is the timeless, classic and universal tale of love and how it can be uplifting and heartbreaking.

A master class in animation that could lend itself to a rather unique stage presentation in Macedonia.

Whether in English or Macedonian, Daniel can certainly tell a story with his amazing vocals that saw him crowned the first ever X-Factor Adria.


So what do you think of the English version of Daniel’s song that is now ‘Autumn Leaves’? Can Daniel bring Macedonia to the Grand Final at Eurovision? Could he give Macedonia their first win at the contest?

Let us know.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland


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  1. Just a little correction,Weather in English or Macedonian,Daniel can tell us the story.Yes,and he could be the possible winner.Thank you

  2. I prefer the orchestral sound of the original version to be honest. I think the song has lost something of its spark with this remix.

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