Eurovision 2014

Danijel Kajmakoski – “I’m sure without Željko Joksimović I would not have won”

Danijel Kajmakoski. Photo :

Danijel Kajmakoski. Photo :

Skopje, Macedonia – Eurovision Ireland met up with Danijel Kajmakoski who will represent Macedonia at Eurovision 2015.

We caught up with Daniel after his victory at Skopje Fest and he told us of his recent winning of the first ever Adria X-Factor Contest saying “I’m sure without Željko Joksimović I would not have won”

We asked Daniel if he would be performing his Eurovision entry ‘Lisja esenski’ in Macedonian or English. See what he had to say about that.

He also gave us a private performance of his song despite MRT (Macedonian National Broadcaster) turning off the lights during the interview – but Daniel is a pro and took it all in his stride.

As we said remember to put Skopje on your places to visit. We will be back there again.

Thank you to Aleksandra and Mary from MRT for their hospitality and our new camera man here at Eurovision Ireland – James Scanlan. Didn’t he do well!

Stay tuned for our exclusive interviews with Karolina Goceva (2002, 2007) that is coming.

So what do you think of Daniel’s song? Can he win Eurovision for Macedonia?

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. I really like this. The Balkans do this type of stirring, evocative ballad better than most and this could do great things at Eurovision, especially if ORF makes my long-standing dream come true and brings back the live orchestra for the 60th show. This would sound AMAZING with live orchestral backing on the big night, so fingers crossed. I think it’s our first definite qualifier.
    Kudos, Macedonia!

  2. Forgot to say that I was actually very impressed how Daniel sung in English and the lyrics actually scanned very well – unlike a lot of last year’s native language to English swaps, this one could actually work quite well, based solely on the chorus.

  3. Slightly unfortunate ‘YouTube thumbnail’ there, Garrett, unless you’re trying out for the musical ‘Shrek’! lol

    I don’t mean it really – another interesting interview there… 🙂

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