Eurovision 2015

GREECE : LIVE ROLLING BLOG of the Greek Eurovision 2015 Selection – #JoinUs at 20:00 CET

Greek Eurovision 2015 National Finalists

Greek Eurovision 2015 National Finalists

GREECE : LIVE ROLLING BLOG of the Greek Eurovision 2015 Selection – #JoinUs at 20:00 CET

6 acts battle it out in Athens where 5 songs will compete to represent Greece in Vienna.

The show starts at 20:00 CET and you can watch it HERE 

You can follow our LIVE BLOG HERE – You know the drill by now. Just refresh the page for our live updates. You are in my (John’s) hands tonight. I promise to be gentle and to have some fun with the commentary



So they may have no money, but our friends in Greece are still enthusiastic participants in our favourite TV show. So much so, our hosts are dreaming about it, and singing ‘Hard Rock Hallelujah’. And practicing phrases like ‘Douze points’, Royaume-Uni’ and ‘Zwölf’. Nice.

They’re singing at Elpida, being taught dance by Konstantinos, and being taught languages by Helena Paparizou (remember her).

Here are our hosts for the night


Do you spy a potential wardrobe malfunction too?

As you’ll know, Elena Paparizou won 10 years ago – yes, 10 – so we get tonight’s participants giving us their bestest interpretation of her song. Then, just compare, we see the video of her in Kyiv all those years ago. Do you feel old too?

Elena has hardly changed. And here she is singing some song from 2014. She’s maybe feeling a little blue.

Helena I

She appears to get bored part way through, so the breaks into what must be her latest song; ‘Love till it’s over’. It’s a bouncy little number that would even be a credible song in a contest ten years on. Maybe NERIT/MAD should have sent her again.

Our hostesses introduce us to a selection of distinguished guests who appear to be our expert jury tonight. All in the best outfits, suits and rather jaunty hats.

But before the first song, we get a reworking of the 1987 ‘classic’ performed by an older Thasos Kalliris – he was the mulleted one in Brussels. It’s interspersed with an intriguing rap and girl wearing very little save for some ostrich feathers. I remember this from 1987 so now feel even older. Thasos is in the middle looking very un-mulleted.



We’re still not quite at song 1. We need to be reminded of ‘Watch my dance’ (an excellent song in my opinion). There’s no Stereo Mike, so Loukas Yiorkas is joined by a children’s choir. He’s scrubbed up for the evening.



One are a boy-band that are not quite Greek, having sung for Cyprus in Tallinn in 2002. The thirteen years between then and now seem to have been kinder to some more than others. And they’re performing a 2015 version of ‘Gimme’. Very techno techno techno techno.



Not only do we have two young ladies hosting the show, but we also have two more young leggy ladies in the Green Room. They’re in gold and white. Or is it blue and black?

Green Room

Back to stage and we appear to have some sort of game show segment. Lots of people sat on stools and, so it seems, Wally. I’d wondered where he’d got to. They’re being asked questions and just shouting out answers.


The winner (third from left) got herself a nice ‘Miss Eurovision’ sash and tiara. I want to know when the swimsuit section is.

Next we get a retrospective of some of the winners from the previous 60 contests. And Cliff Richard who sang for the UK in 1978 (so the caption said anyway). We see many famous and infamous stars from Lys Assia (bless her) onwards. Katrina & The Waves are one-hit wonders. And I don’t remember an out-of-tune Sakis winning in 2004. Elena Paparizou is a superstar. And not much happened after 2005 until Conchita (bless her) won last year.

Crash & Burn sung by C: REAL


After an hour of waiting for the songs to start John loses his internet connection so I (Garrett) have jumped in. This was an upbeat eventual start to the show! A good dance song but if I am honest nothing special or distinctive to it. There is something strange about how this act looks on stage due to the varying ages of the group. It at times looks like a family having a sing song at a Wedding. I think if this went to Vienna Greece could find their 100% qualification record in trouble.
Jazz & Syrtaki sung by Thomai Apergi & Legend 

I am not sure what to say about this? It has a Greek flavour but so does a good salad. I understand why the Greek audience would like the traditional elements but when the song changed key and pace this went into a weird Greek/Schlager style. More local than international taste one thinks.
Ela sung by Barrice 

Looking like one half of Jedward in 10 years time and yet we get a very generic pop song that once again goes into a traditional/schlager change in tempo. This is a song that the hall would like but I think juries would struggle to get to grips with. Very dated dancing – there were enough Ani Lorak shoulder shrugs to make you think you were back in 2008. However the locals liked it. I’m still waiting for my OPA moment and I haven’t had it yet. Has somebody hit the ‘Autostop’ button in Greece :-/
Sunshine sung by Shaya Hansen

Ok this is getting there. The most distinctive of the entries so far tonight. The vocals were like the Von Trapp family and were ‘Climbing Every Mountain’ and seemed to loose their way. We had the typical Greek Drums banging away and you really think that this Greek selection is ‘Eurovision By Numbers’ – we need dancers, we need drums, we need some ethnic sounds etc. A lot of work needed on this song to get it ready for Eurovision. Come on Greece!



One Last Breath sung by Maria-Eleni Kyriakou

The only ballad in the national final so it stands out already. This was a classy number and Maria was in key for the song, so she gets a gold star. Greece haven’t sent a ballad to Eurovision in years and this would be a welcome entry. Hints on James Bond – which is always good in my books. By far the best song in the contest and the only song that could help Greece maintain their 1005 record. The others pale into comparison after hearing this song



John’s Predictions

I’ve just got my internet connection back, so my predictions will be based on the brief recap of each song. And Garrett’s predictions (thanks to Garrett for filling in for the most important part of the show). Darn you V*r*i* Media. It seems like song five is the best of this bunch o’ five. Have they done this deliberately?



Actual Results


OK – Greece are celebrating the future 60 years at Euriovision.

First up is a boyband that I like to call Sakis times 3 or Bays and Noise



Helena is back again! With some face painted dancers wearing masking tape!



It’s official but there is a Fabric Shortage in Greece!

fabric Shortage


So after all the talking the winner was announced in 3 seconds flat and yes I got it right.

Maria-Eleni Kyriakou will represent Greece at #Eurovision 2015 – Good choice?

Did Greece make the right decision? Will Greece maintain their 100% qualification record for the Grand Final?




Author : John Stanton

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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