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SLOVENIA: Exclusive Interview with CLEMENS – EMA 2015 Participant

Clemens - EMA 2015 Contestant. Photo : Janez Marolt

Clemens – EMA 2015 Contestant. Photo : Janez Marolt

SLOVENIA: Exclusive Interview with CLEMENS, EMA 2015 Participant

The Slovenian National final, EMA 2015, is coming closer and closer. RTVSLO published 30 seconds of each EMA entry, but here on the Eurovision Ireland, we’re more than happy that we have an opportunity to talk with one of the debut performers on EMA, Clemens, who will participate at EMA with his entry, called ‘Mava’ or ‘We Have This’

Clemens, thank you for your time & thank you for joining us here on Eurovision Ireland!

The pleasure is all mine, thank you for the interview.

You are somewhat a brand new face on the Slovenian music scene, but we can remember you from the Slovenian Preselection 2012, Misija Evrovizija. How did you evolve your music in these few years?

I have been surrounded by music my whole life and Misija Evrovizija was just a small step, and an interesting experience. I grow up as an artist and learn every day.

Clemens is your stage name, right? How did you create it?

Clemens is my stage name, which comes from my name Klemen and name Clement, which is an older version of my name.

4. In the past months you released your very first single, called ‘Pozab’ na Bonton’ or ‘Forget About Etiquette’, do you have any plans to release even English version of it?

I also have the english version of it on my YouTube channel, called ‘Put your clothes back on’. Check it out! He He.

Your EMA entry will be in Slovenian, as well, which is called ‘Mava to’/We have this’. Do you have any plans to put that song in English, in case if you win Slovenian national final?

The song I made, was actually first in English first and then I made the Slovenian version of it, they both sounds great!

Have you ever collaborated with any of the contestants on EMA 2015 before?

No, I have not, this is my first Ema. It’s really a big deal for me, even to be a part of EMA, and I’m very proud of myself and my team.

Are you fan of EMA / Eurovision & if you are, do you have your own favourite song ever?

Yes, I watch Eurovision almost every year, and my favourite contestant was Marija Šerifović, (Molitva), Lena (Satellite) and Loreen (Euphoria).

What expectations do you have for 28th of February & what kind of plans do you have after EMA 2015?

My plan is to have a good time, show my very best with my performance and hopefully people will enjoy it as well. Fingers crossed for me!

And finally, do you have any message for readers of Eurovision Ireland?

Check out my Facebook page and my single ‘Pozab na bonton’, also in English ‘Put your clothes back on’ and I hope you will like my new song, EMA 2015 entry ‘Mava’ too. Thanks for taking an interest in me and Slovenian music. I really appreciate it!


Thanks to Clemens for taking the time to talk to us here at Eurovision Ireland.


Author : Jan Vehar

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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