Eurovision 2012

EXCLUSIVE : Malta’s Kurt Calleja teams up with Ticli & Gas for the epic ‘Lost In Paradise’

Lost in Paradise

Lost in Paradise

EXCLUSIVE : Malta’s Kurt Calleja teams up with Ticli & Gas for the epic ‘Lost In Paradise’

As the winter is slowly fading away, we are looking to the summer days and those epic dance songs that will get you in that partying mood. Boy Oh Boy we have one for you!

Get set for your first blast of Summer as the new song from DJ’s and Producers Ticli & Gas along with Malta’s 2012 Eurovision singer Kurt Calleja hits the airwaves. You know we love Kurt here at the site but we seriously LOVE  him now with his new song ‘Lost in Paradise’

This is a massive dance anthem that you can picture in the clubs of Ibiza and across Europe. Electro/Funk/RnB coupled with Kurt’s killer vocals make this a song destined for your i-tunes playlist and the charts for sure!

Ticli & Gas have given us previous dance tracks like ‘El Baile Del Cabron’ and ‘L’amour De Ma Vie’ that have been successful across Europe and ‘Lost in Paradise’ is certainly set to be no different.

The song is filled with killer hooks that once you listen to are are stuck in your head and get you singing along to.

My only criticism is “Why didn’t they bring this to Eurovision?”. Guys you are denying me a chance to shake the junk in my trunk to this song in Vienna or next year’s host city!

If you like music from Calvin Harris or David Guetta then you will love ‘Lost in Paradise’. Kurt shows his song writing skills are just as good as his singing!

‘Lost in Paradise’ comes as our Recommendation of The Week and scores and massive 12 Points.

The song is due for release soon and we will make sure to give you the details. If being ‘Lost in Paradise’ is this good then I certainly don’t need or want my sat nav ever again! #JustSaying


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland



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