Eurovision 2015

SLOVENIA : Exclusive Interview with Martina Majerle ahead of EMA Eurovision Selection

EMA 2015 Contestant Martina Marjele. Photo: Sergej Zabijako

EMA 2015 Contestant Martina Marjele. Photo: Sergej Zabijako

SLOVENIA : Exclusive Interview with Martina Majerle ahead of EMA Eurovision Selection

Well today we’re publishing Eurovision Ireland talk with EMA 2015 contestant, and, honestly, one of Slovenian Eurovision queens. Her first time at the contest was in 2003 as a backing vocalist for Croatia and then 2009 as a lead singer for Slovenia. This years she’s also competing in the Slovenian National Final. Ladies and gentlemen, the one and only, Martina Majerle.

Martina, thank you for your time and thank you for accepting our interview invitation!

Not at all. Thank you for your interest in me and my song.

Your first Eurovision experience was back in the 2003, is this true?

Yes it is. Eurovision 2003 was in Riga, Latvia and I was performing with Claudia Beni for Croatia. I also thought this will be my first and only Eurovision experience but luckily it wasn’t so.

The last time, when you competed at Eurovision Song Contest, you competed with Sergej Ćetković for his Eurovision 2014 entry ‘Moj svijet’ (My World), when you sang as back vocalist, and Montenegro finally passed into a Grand Final. What was that feeling like for you and the team?

That was the first time Montenegro entered the finals, so everyone in the delegation was overwellmed. Sergej deserved it, just because he’s such a great singer and I appreciate him as a person as well. We all felt that one historic moment just happened for the whole nation.

Back there in 2009 you performed ‘Love Symphony’, together with Quartissimo for Slovenia. What’s the main difference between performing as a backing vocal or being lead vocal?

From the my perspective as a lead singer you are in front, you have more responsibility, the bourdain is bigger, the pressure is higher. But at the same time you have more freedom to perform and to go out with all of your emotions. And that is definitely plus. As a background singer you are depending more of your colleagues, you have to breathe as one. There is no room for solo moments and personality in your voice and performance. But you are more relaxed when you perform cause you are in a group and you share responsibility.

The Composer for your Slovenian entry in 2009 was Andrej Babić and the composer of your EMA entry this year too. What kind of song have you guys prepared? Can you tell us even in which language your EMA entry is going to be, or maybe just a name of the entry? We are curious!

The name of the song is ‘ALIVE’ and as you see it is in English. The song is Babić style balad so his fans will definitelly love it. You will hear it soon.

We all know that you have participated in the Eurovision many times, so we are wondering which one is your favourite song and why?

Hard question. As a kid I enjoyed Doris Dragović with both of her songs, Novi Fosili, Riva and Azucar Negro. I like Nocturne, Hold me now and Prisluhni mi a lot. They are timeless. And from recent times Euphoria.

What kind of expectation do you have for 28th of February?

I would like to perform the song the best that I can. To express my emotions in a way the song demands me to. And of course to place myself the best that I can. Hope everything goes well.

And finally, Martina, please give some message to all readers here for Eurovision Ireland!

Like I always say don’t worry to much, try to enjoy life and keep listening the good (Eurovision) music.


We would like to wish Martina the very best of luck at EMA with her song ‘Alive’. 

Maybe we will be seeing her in Vienna in May. Stay tuned for more EMA interviews and news.


Author : Jan Vehar

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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