Eurovision 2014

Lithuania : Watch the videos of their Week 1 Eurovision 2015 Selection

Lithuania Week 1 - 2015 Eurovision Search. Photo : Eurovision Ireland

Lithuania Week 1 – 2015 Eurovision Search. Photo : Eurovision Ireland

Lithuania began their Eurovision 2015 national selection process last weekend or as we like to call it ‘The Lithuanian Never Ending Story’.

The first show was pre-recorded and it was the contestants performing Lithuanian songs. Next week will be ‘International Hits’ and no doubt week 3 will be ‘Hits from Another Galaxy’ – Your guess is a s good as mine but that is why we love Lithuania as it is the selection that keeps giving! Who will grab your ‘ATTENTION’

The Rankings After Week 1 Are as Follows


  1. Tadas JuodsnukisNakty” (Kastytis Kerbedis)
  2. Vaidas BaumilaTik zmogus” (original song)
  3. Milita DaikeryteTarp taves ir manes” (original song)
  4. Edgaras LubysSirdis ant balto sniego” (Natalija Bunke)
  5. Vilija Pilibaitytė (Mia)Man patinka” (Dzordana Butkute)
  6. Liepa Mondeikaite “As mylajau tave tau nezinant” (Aktoriu Trio)
  7. Jurgis Bruzga1000 dienu” (original song)
  8. Reda StriskaiteKai sirpsta vysnios Suvalkijoj” (Vytautas Kernagis)
  9. Monika LinkyteBesieliai” (original song)
  10. Neringa Siaudikyte “Meile skolingas tau” (Stasys Povilaitis)
  11. RollikaiVioleta” (Kastytis Kerbedis)
  12. Wilma LaLauzo sviesa” (Foje)


No act was eliminated this week. Their votes will be carried over to this weeks show.

The Top 3 Performances


Tadas JuodsnukisNakty

We like to think of Todas as Orlando Bloom’s more interesting brother from ‘Lord of The Rings’ but he can sing!


Vaidas BaumilaTik zmogus

Last year Vaidas made the Top 3 in the Lithuanian national selection for Eurovision 2014. We like to call his the Elle MacPherson of Lithuania – AKA ‘The Bod’. He is sporting this year’s must have accessory – ‘A Beard’ and it rather suits him. Can he make it to Eurovision this year?


Milita DaikeryteTarp taves ir manes

Angelic but we think that Milita is a party girl at heart. Great singer but can she overtake the men of the group? Think a younger Carrie Bradshaw meets a Lithuanian Taylor Swift and you have Milita.


Ok is there a singer that you think that Eurovision would like to see and vote for in Vienna?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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