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10 Reasons why you need to get your ‘Eurovision in Concert 2015’ tickets NOW!

Eurovision in Concert 2015. Photo : Eurovision In Concert Facebook

Eurovision in Concert 2015. Photo : Eurovision In Concert Facebook

‘Bang Bang’ it’s time to get some ‘Uptown Funk’ going as the tickets for Eurovision In Concert are on sale. Always the hottest ticket to get before the actual Eurovision Contest itself. The team in Amsterdam put on an amazing show each year and I am sure that this year will be bigger than 2014.

So we thought that it was worth giving you 10 good reasons to get yourself to Amsterdam for the weekend. Firstly let’s get the details of the tickets ready for you.



When – April 18th in Amsterdam

Tickets – Well you can buy them NOW! Here is the link for TICKETMASTER


10 Reasons Why You Need To Go To ‘Eurovision In Concert 2015’


In reverse order


#10 – It’s Amsterdam! Do I need to say anymore? The capital of the country that made Country Music cool at Eurovision and about time too!



#9 – It’s Eurovision – Dah!!! If I need to explain this reason to you then you are not a Eurovision Fan!

#8 – How many times do you get a Eurovision Act that give you the shoes off their feet – well if you are into that thing then Eurovision In Concert is for you.


#7 – Eurovision Royalty drops in from time to time. You better learn how to courtesy.


#6 – Riverdance gets a long overdue make-over and we certainly didn’t complain!

#5 – We love it when you get an unexpected rude joke from one of our favourite Eurovision Divas. I can’t look at my watch without laughing anymore!


#4 – You get an impromptu remix of a Eurovision song and the singer lets you join in!


#3 – You can even get to see the potential Eurovision winner put in a stellar performance live

#2 – Eurovision in Concert is the chance to get the inside scoop on what is going on behind the scenes at Eurovision – and we all like the gossip!

#1 – We get to meet René and the full Eurovision in Concert Team again – and they are one fun group!

2014 Contestants. Photo : Molly Tumblr

2014 Contestants. Photo : Molly Tumblr


So what are you waiting for!

For all the news and gossip on the event make sure to follow the team on their Official Facebook Page HERE

No crying when the tickets are sold out! Get yours today!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision In Concert

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