Eurovision 2014

Hungary – 20 acts confirmed for A-Dal Eurovision 2015 Selection including returning Acts

A-Dal Eurovision 2015 Selection Hungary. Photo : MTV

A-Dal Eurovision 2015 Selection Hungary. Photo : MTV

Hungary – Who will represent Hungary at Eurovision 2015? Well MTV (Hungarian National Broadcaster) have now released the names of 20 acts that will compete in their national selection for Eurovision 2015 aka A-Dal.

One has to realise that A-Dal the programme is immensely popular in Hungary to the point that more viewers look at A-Dal than the actual Eurovision Song Contest in Hungary. In 2014 about 1.4 million people watched the A-Dal Grand Final as opposed to approximately 700 thousand who watched the Eurovision Grand Final.

So MTV has announced 20 acts so far who will compete in the A-Dal selection process.

The First 10 acts that were conformed for A-Dal 2015 Were

  • Chances – The Night
  • Boggie – Wars For Nothing
  • Bogi – World Of Violence
  • Balázs Farkas-Jenser – Liar
  • Karmapolis – The Time Is Now
  • MDC – Maniac
  • Barbara Peter-Barbie – Listen To The Universe
  • Spoon – Keep Marching On
  • Saci & Bobe Szécsi – Our Time
  • Vera Toth – Gyémánt

Thanks to our good friends at ESCBubble here is a video of the acts and their songs being presented

The Second Set of A-Dal contestants were announced this morning and they include Kati Wolf who represented Hungary at Eurovision 2011 in Dusseldorf.

The final set of 10 competitors will be announced on Friday Morning this making the A-Dal a 30 act contest.

The live shows will begin on January 24th. You can follow all the news from A-Dal 2015 on their Official Website HERE

So who is the most exciting act for you coming to A-Dal 2015? Can Kati Wolf go all the way again to Eurovision? Let us know.

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : MTV and ESCBubble

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