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Could #RUSSIA be quitting Eurovision 2017?

Back in 2007, Ukrainian superstar Verka Serduchka sang “Dancing Lasha Tumbai” and took Europe by storm despite no one knowing what ‘lasha tumbai’ really meant. While Verka alleged it was Mongolian for ‘churned butter’, some suggested it was actually a phonetic phrase to sound like ‘Russia goodbye’… is […]


According to OGAE Ukraine –  STB Channel, the collaborating channel with the Ukrainian national broadcaster NTU – revealed today the 24 semifinalists in the Ukrainain selection for Eurovision 2017. The lucky 24 are: Arsen Mirzoyan, Mila Nitich, Vitaly Kozlovsky, AGHIAZMA, back flips, Green Grey, ROZHDEN, Vivienne Mort , […]