Eurovision 2014

Video Interview with Amber who will represent Malta at Eurovision 2015

Amber - Warrior. Photo : YouTube

Amber – Warrior. Photo : YouTube

Tonight we found the singer that will represent Malta at Eurovision 2015 – Amber. She won the contest convincingly by winning both the Public and Jury vote and scoring the maximum 72 points.

We met with Amber and she told us about her Eurovision journey and song ‘Warrior’.


The top 3 results in Malta tonight were


  1. Amber – ‘Warrior’
  2. Rush – Christabelle
  3. Breakaway – Glen Vella


This is Amber’s 6th song in the Maltese National Selection since 2011.

The Maltese press and public rightly sound very confident in their choice of Amber for Eurovision.


Congratulations Amber and see you in Vienna.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland


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  1. Great interview as always, Garrett! Amber seems such a nice person and looking so different to her stage persona!

    What type of ‘Warrior’ is she? I think she’d be one of the good guys fighting with Neo in ‘The Matrix’, judging from her outfit at MESC, don’t you think?

    An emphatic win, well deserved (although I personally liked Franklin!)

    • I have to agree Martin – I had 4 favourites on the night. Amber, Franklin, Dominic and of course The Ekklesia Sisters. All for different reasons. I am getting a very good vibe for Amber and the victory in Vienna – I know it’s early days but there is just something about her and the song. She is adoreable

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