Eurovision 2014

Spain : Ruth Lorenzo’s acrobatic live performance of ‘Gigantes’ #WOW

Ruth Lorenzo - Gigantes Live. Photo : YouTube

Ruth Lorenzo – Gigantes Live. Photo : YouTube

Spain : Well Ruth Lorenzo danced through the rain on live Spanish tv earlier this year and yesterday she took to the air for a live acrobatic performance of her current release ‘Gigantes’.

Last night she took the air literally on ‘Los viernes al show’ where she sang live on the acrobatic ropes and then busted some serious moves with her posse.

We love how the 2 male presenters were rather excited when Ruth took off her shoes for the performance. Who am I to judge 🙂

Can we just say how darn hard it must be to hold yourself from the roof of a tv studio and sing that good and look that sexy! Bravo Ruth!

Then the singer got a surprise but we will let you see for yourself.

So can we have Ruth back at Eurovision in 2015 please!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland



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