Eurovision 2014

Slovenia will sing ‘Nisi sam – Your Light’ by Ula Ložar

Slovenia at Junior Eurovision 2014. Photograph

Slovenia at Junior Eurovision 2014. Photograph

As RTV SLO announced, Slovenia will make their own début at this years Junior Eurovision Song Contest, which will take place in Malta. The representative, 12 years old Ula Ložar, was selected by internal selection at RTV Slovenija and today she premiered her Junior Eurovision entry.

Ula performed ‘Round and round’, together with Tinkara Kovač, in a TV Show Nedeljsko popoldne z Ulo on national television. She also premiered her song for JESC which is called ‘Nisi sam – Your Light’. The composers of this year’s Slovene Junior Eurovision entry are Ula Ložar, with help of Raay & Marjetka Vovk (well known as project Maraaya), textwriters are Erika Mager, Lucienne Lončina and Raay. Raay who was the composer of this year’s adult Slovene Eurovision entry ‘Round and Round’, performed by Tinkara Kovač.

As you can see, the music video is all in black & white. It was directed by young and talented music video director Niko Karo (Videoproduction Karo Media). He also recorded the music videos for Slovenian Eurovision entries in 2013 and 2014. The music itself is sang in Slovenian and English language.

It is a beautiful ballad that fits perfectly with Ula’s voice. As you have already seen, she can sing a song, that is really powerful as Molitva, that she performed in the show ”Dobro jutro” on 22nd of September (originally performed by Marija Šerifović back in Eurovision 2007 – in this year Serbia debuted and won for the first time).

And now when Slovenia debuts on Junior Eurovision Song Contest, the history can repeat. Can Slovenia actually win for their first year at JESC?


Author : Jan Vehar

Source : Eurovision Ireland


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