Eurovision 2014

Voting Ranking system is Abandoned

Ranking Voting Abandoned. Photo : Wikipedia

Ranking Voting Abandoned. Photo : Wikipedia

The voting ranking system is certainly a bone of contention for many. There were many examples of where the 5 member jury completely nullified the result of the public at Eurovision this year.

Examples of this scenario where how Poland won the Public vote in Ireland and the UK and then the Juries had the song ranked towards the bottom completely cancelling out the nations televoters and seeing Donatan & Cleo score nothing from both countries. Ranking the songs has its issues yet the EBU continue to use the system.

So it comes as interesting news that Big Brother’s Little Brother aka The Junior Eurovision Song Contest takes the lead and reverts to the previous system. This means that the jury will award points 1-8, 10 & 12 to the songs, whilst the televoting will also do the same. Neither the televoting, nor the jurors, will rank the songs from 1-16 (16 due to number of contestants).

Interesting to see JESC take the initiative on this key part of Junior and Eurovision. JESC is the hot bed of creativity yet again.

Should Eurovision abandon the ranking system and follow the lead of Junior Eurovision?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

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