Eurovision 2014

Ireland : Details of Eurovision 2015 Selection Announcement

RTE - Eurovision 2015. Photo : RTE

RTE – Eurovision 2015. Photo : RTE

To say that we have been inundated with questions on when RTE (Irish National Broadcaster) would announced their plans for Eurovision 2015 in an understatement. The national and international interest in the song contest has been immense.

Today Eurovision Ireland spoke with Michael Kealy (Head of Delegation) and he has advised that RTE attended the recent Eurovision Workshop in Berlin with many of the EBU broadcasters. There they listened to how others have managed their national song selection processes and the funding of such events.

RTE expect to make an announcement on Monday October 13th on how they will select their song for Eurovision 2015 with all the relevant details.

For the last 4 years Ireland has used the Mentor system to select their Eurovision entry and that process has seen the country qualify for the Grand Final on 3 occasions – Jedward in 2011 and 2012 and Ryan Dolan in 2013.

Who would you like to see representing Ireland at Eurovision 2015?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland



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  1. Any comment on the Daily Mail article claiming Eurosong was remaining part of the Late Late? Do you think there’s any truth to it?

  2. I’d love a competion with at least 10 songs, give the public more choice!!
    A rousing balled with 2 female leads would suffice 🙂

  3. Please let us just have a fair selection process. The mentor system is not a fair system as there is no public application process, a TV talent show will always end up with the lowest common denominator selection that simply offends the least people. Also, these TV shows by their nature will always focus the production team more on the income generated from voting than they do on the quality of the final selection. (Please don’t do this) Let’s just revert to the old blind application process through RTE – the same system which selected ALL previous seven Eurovision winners.

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