Eurovision singers in the charts across Europe from Ruth Jacott to Alyosha

European Music Charts. Photo :

European Music Charts. Photo :

Eurovision singers are popping up in the charts across Europe like a Kardashian in front of a camera opportunity!

So who and where are the singers charting? Here are a selection that we came across.


The Common Linnets

They may have finished second at Eurovision but they are still selling copies of ‘Calm After The Strom’ in vast quantities. They are at #21 in Austria and #29 in Germany. In the overall European Top 100 they are at #51.


Svetlana Loboda and Emin

You get 2 Eurovision singers for the price of one. Svetlana or just Loboda as she goes by nowadays, is still selling well with Emin who provided the Interval Act music at Eurovision 2012 in Baku. Their song ‘Smotrish V Nebo’ is at #11 in Ukraine and #72 in the European Top 100.


Ruth Jacott

Ruth Jacott came to Eurovision in 1993 with the amazing ‘Vrede’ and took The Netherlands to the Top 10 at the contest in Millstreet. Her current song – the funky reggae ‘Verliefd Verward’ has re-entered the Dutch charts at #38. We love this slice of dance-hall.



She came to Eurovision in 2010 with her song ‘Sweet People’ and those people are still buying her records by the lorry load and rightly so. Her song ‘Bezoruzhnaia’ has been on the charts for 24 weeks or half of the year and it is up to #2 in the Ukrainian charts. In the European Top 100 she is at #62


Serebro brought Russia to 3rd place at Eurovision in 2007 and they are sure to make a huge impact on the charts with their new single ‘Do not be Patients’ however it is their song from earlier this year ”Ya Tebya Ne Otdam’ that has re-entered the European Top 100 at #98. The song has already been in the charts for 24 weeks and reached a peak of #33.


Ani Lorak

Ani Lorak won ‘Best Female Singer’ last weekend at the Eurasia Music Awards and it seems to have had an impact on her song ‘Medlenno’ that has jumped back up 21 places in the Ukrainian charts to #14. It has been on the national charts for 16 weeks and peaked at #4 earlier in the year. The song is also at #94 in the European Top 100.

We will be expecting to see The Common Linnets rise in the charts with their new song ‘Give me a reason’ shortly and as we said we expect to see Serebro rising with ‘Do not be patients’ when it is officially released.

Healthy to see Eurovision artists charting across Europe.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source :



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