Fans ask for Tamta to represent Georgia at Eurovision 2015

Tamta for Eurovision? Photo : YouTube

Tamta for Eurovision? Photo : YouTube

Ever since Georgia announced that they will be competing at Eurovision 2015 we have been inundated with people saying that they would like to see Tamta represent the country in Vienna.

So we thought that we would take a closer look at Tamta and see why people were fascinated by her. What we found made us think “Why hasn’t Tamta been to Eurovision?”.

Tamta’s full name is Tamta Goduadze and she is a Georgian pop singer but who came to fame in Greece and Cyprus through the ‘Idol’ tv series in the 2003/2004 series. She and her family relocated to Greece when she was 22.

Following subsequent singles she entered the Greek Eurovision selection for 2007 where she placed third behind the ultimate winner Sarbel and his song ‘Yassou Maria’.

According to media she was also considered as an entrant for Cyprus at Eurovision in 2009. Her Eurovision connection also goes further with her collaboration with twice Eurovision performer and Eurovision host Sakis Rouvas on the song ‘Tharros I Alitheia’.

For Tamta to get to Eurovision she might need to ‘Get Lucky’ but wait she has already done that with none other than Freaky Fortune who represented Greece at Eurovision this year with Risky Kidd.

At present Tamta is a Judge/Mentor on the Georgian edition of X-Factor where she is proving to be highly popular.

So that is the singer that many people have told us they would like to see represent Georgia at Eurovision 2015.

What do you think?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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