‘Midnight at the museum’ with Eurovision’s Tomas N’evergreen of Denmark

A'Studio and Tomas. Photo : YouTube

A’Studio and Tomas. Photo : YouTube

‘Midnight at the Museum’ never sounded this good when I saw the movies in the cinema. You can imagine my surprise when I stumbled across this gem of a release from Denmark’s 2010 Eurovision singer Tomas N’evergreen and Russian band A’Studio with Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe thrown into the video also!

The video is set in the Copenhagen Museum of Art – sorry Copenhagen I was too busy in the Eurovision Press Centre to pay you a visit this year but I promise to return as a tourist someday!

Back to the song. What a whopping belter of a song. I love it! It has all the hallmarks of a scandi pop song with real bite to it. Tomas N’evergreen (half of the highly successful Danish Eurovision duo of Chanée & N’evergreen – ‘In a moment like this’) has teamed up with a great Russian band called A’Studio for the thumping song ‘Falling for you’.

From the first drum beats this song just keeps building and building. N’evergreen’s falsetto vocals are in great contrast to the stomping base line of the song. The chorus of the song sees the super vocals of the lead singer of A’Studio – Katie Topuriya – blast onto the track. Mix into the equation a classical/Beetlesesque piano moment and what you has is one #Awesome pop song with serious bite to it.

The video is based on the Hollywood movies ‘Midnight at the museum’ starring the late great Robin Williams. In this version you have Marilyn Monroe, Captain Jack Sparrow, Elvis and Michael Jackson come to life with a host of other stars in the depths of the night.

Tomas takes on the role of the unsuspecting security guard and who knew he could rock the uniform look!

I am seriously taken by the Russian group A’Studio. If you read their biography on Facebook they have some serious credits to them

A'Studio - Photo : YouTube

A’Studio – Photo : YouTube

“A’Studio – team with a unique for the Russian pop scene a sense of style and musical taste, and creating interesting arrangements of impeccable quality, which are combined with professional vocals. The band plays romantic-dance pop-rock. At the heart of foreign pop songs ease A’Studio – great skill and professionalism of the musicians.

As part of the legendary band – its founders and ideologists Baigali Serkebayev (producer, composer, keyboards) and Vladimir Mikloshich (bass guitar), and singer Katie Topuriya bright, young virtuoso guitarist Fedor “Federico” Dosumov and energetic Eugene Dalsky (drums).”

I have to ask 2 questions – Why we have not seen A’Studio at Eurovision representing Russia and why did N’evergreen not shout about ‘Falling For You’ at Copenhagen when the song’s video was released? We should have been dancing to this song at Euroclub. This is one hell of a song!

Marks out of 12 – ‘Falling for you’ gets a whopping 12 points!

For more information on A’Studio check out their Facebook page

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland


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  1. It’s very strange though, that now suddenly my comment is back again?
    (Yesterday it was gone, and elsewhere on this site it hasn’t reappeared yet – see under ‘France’ section)
    There’s no reason for censoring in my case: I don’t use bad language EVER!
    Oh well, I will give it the benefit of the doubt and think that it was a temporary computer failure or something.
    I will refrain from commenting for a while as the fun of it is gone for now.

  2. And again my latest comment has been removed…
    This smells like censorship…

    (And don’t tell me it wasn’t there, because I checked earlier)

    • Not in the slightest Edith. All comments once you post them have to be submitted here at the site centrally and more importantly manually so as to insure that nobody uses bad language. Any user will always see their own comments from their ip address but they will only go live to all viewers when we accept

      So your claim of ‘censorship’ is grossly inaccurate! I think you can clearly see that we have supported many causes on the site that others have failed to address for their own reasons.

  3. If I can’t believe your colleges at, can I believe you ??? And why would Wikipedia lie about something like that?
    Furthermore, I myself DO believe that the band IS from Kazakhstan, but they LIKE to be Russian, don’t you think?

  4. Why we have not seen A’Studio at Eurovision representing Russia?

    Well, according to Wikipedia:

    A-Studio is a Kazakh-based pop music group originally consisting of Kazakh musicians Vladimir Mikloshich (bass), Baigali Serkebayev (keyboard), Baglan Sadvakasov (solo guitar), and frontman Batyrkhan Shukenov (vocal and sax). The band was created in 1982 in Almaty, then called Alma-Ata, hence called “Alma-Ata Studio”. Later, the name was changed to “A-Studio”

    So, maybe they would one day represent Kazakhstan ?

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