Eurovision 2013

Watch : Anouk is one HOT and Happy Mama in ‘Places To Go’

Anouk - Places to Go. Photo : YouTube

Anouk – Places to Go. Photo : YouTube

They say that Motherhood suits some people, well if it means that you look and sound as hot as Anouk does in her new song ‘Places To Go’ then where do I sign up!

Being a man that will be difficult but I am never one to step away from a challenge just like Anouk was in 2013 when she brought The Netherlands back to success at Eurovision.

Anouk has released her new song ‘Places to Go’ and it is one of my favourite songs of the year so far! When you say that Anouk has released a pop song you can be sure that it is not just any old pop song. Her vocals are as always distinctive and add light and shade to this song.


Anouk - Paradise and Back Again. Photo : Anouk Twitter

Anouk – Paradise and Back Again. Photo : Anouk Twitter

‘Places to Go’ is for me a throwback to my favourite decade of music the 80’s. I love the electronic dance vibe throughout this mid-tempo song. I think of great songs from 80’s Divas like Exposé (Point of no Return) , Alyson Williams (Sleep Talk), Teena Marie (Ooo La La La) and Ashford & Simpson (Solid). Great Pop/R-n-B music with smart and relatable lyrics.

‘Places to Go’ can take on several meanings and when you look at the video for the song – which was a home video shoot – you get to see a glimpse into the real life of Anouk. It is a very personal video that includes her new and über cute son Sion Jethro – you see that ‘Places to Go’ is not really about physically going somewhere but really looking at emotional places to go with those that are important. It is almost like a modern twist on ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’ with lyrics like

“My eyes have closed on my way back home,
To a place that no one knows”

Anouk is now the proud mother of 5, yes 5, children yet she will deliver her new baby – her album ‘Paradise and Back Again’ in November. This will be downloaded by me as soon as the release date is finalised.

‘Places to Go’ is now available to download on Spotify and iTunes.

‘Places to Go’ is our recommendation of the week and one song that your iTunes collection cannot live without if you have good taste in music.

Marks out of 12 – Anouk gets a #Fabulous 12 or Douze Points


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland


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