Russian Politicians under investigation for Anti Conchita Wurst and LGBT alleged comments

Conchita Wurst. Photo - cbsnews

Conchita Wurst. Photo – cbsnews

Russian politicians are under investigation for anti Conchita Wurst and LGBT alleged comments in their election videos. We brought you this story last week and it now appears that both men are under investigation in Russian for their actions.

September 14th will see the election of the City Council members for the city of Murmansk in Russia. In an alleged campaign video two candidates Oleg Guzya and Diamond Gismeeva use an anti gay video manifesto depicting a cartoon image of Eurovision Winner Conchita Wurst and a voice over slogan “Against The Flood Of Gays” where both men shake hands on the comment.

“The Moscow Times and Hollywood Reporter  confirmed that complaints from and other Russian LGBT rights groups prompted an official government investigation into charges that the six-second video “incites enmity and hatred.”

In a twist of fate – if the 2 politicians were hoping that the use of Eurovision Winner Conchita Wurst’s image would have pandered to social fears it has certainly done the opposite –  as the story is being carried on all main news agencies in Russia where the politicians are being seen in a poor light along with their alleged actions against Wurst.

Also many of the reports are linking the anti LGBT campaign videos to Conchita’s video of her winning Eurovision – thus promoting the singer and her message of #TheUnstoppabes even further in Russia and in a positive light.

The media works in weird and mysterious ways.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : and Eurovision Ireland

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