Eurovision 2013

ByeAlex has a major trip in his official video for ‘Hé Budapest!’

ByeAlex 'Hé Budapest'. Photograph ByeAlex Facebook

ByeAlex ‘Hé Budapest’. Photograph ByeAlex Facebook

ByeAlex takes you on yet another trip through his mind with the release of the official video for his new song ‘Hé Budapest!’. You may remember that we highly praised his song recently when we reviewed it. So does the video measure up to our hopes and expectations?

In the video for ‘Hé Budapest!’ ByeAlex literally takes you on a tour of the beautiful city that is Budapest. However he does it in a usual ‘Technicolor Extravaganza’. Never can anyone say that ByeAlex is a complacent artist or someone who likes to play it safe and stick to the ‘norm’.

This video is a bike ride in the day of the life of the city of Budapest. Like all big cities there are twists and turns that take you off the beaten path that lead you into the real heart and soul of a city and its people. Bright, shiny, dark, gritty and at times scary – this is great interpretation of a great song.

Hop on the back of the bike and take a ride with ByeAlex through ‘Hé Budapest!’. If that wasn’t enough, he tells you what is coming next ‘Z Unicorns’ – the mind boggles.

You can download ‘Hé Budapest!’ on iTunes and Spotify


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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