Eurovision 2014

Portugal : Festival da Canção Finalist releases a new song

Raquel Guerra. Photo : YouTube

Raquel Guerra. Photo : YouTube

Suzy won the Festival da Canção this year and went on to represent Portugal at Eurovision. However one of the finalists – Raquel Guerra – who placed 5th in the final with the song ‘Sonhos roubados’ has released a new song and it’s actually very good!

Raquel’s new song is called ‘As melodias de um adeus’ or ‘The Melodies of a Goodbye’. The song is composed by Marios Gligoris and Nuno Valério whom have had songs in Festival da Canção on previous occasions.


‘As melodias de um adeus’ is a song that I could see represent Portugal at Eurovision. It has all the usual ingredients of a traditional Portuguese entry – it is passionate and full of atmosphere that I always adore, though this year the public decided to go a different route.

Raquel’s vocals move from being tender to forceful in a single breath just like the melody of the song. This reflects the theme of the song as one moves from love to anger when saying goodbye to a partner. Teamed with an abstract video of children dancing in black in white, you will either love it o hate it. For me it is a “Love It”. Something out of the ordinary. You have to ask yourself why Raquel did not sing this at the Festival da Canção this year.



Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland.

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  1. I agree with you: it’s beautiful (maybe a bit sad, but so was Anouk’s ‘Birds’ last year, wasn’t it?) !

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