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Ruslana Calls for International Solidarity on the ‘Independence Day’ of Ukraine

Ruslana in Maidan Square. Photograph Ruslana Official Facebook

Ruslana in Maidan Square. Photograph Ruslana Official Facebook

Eurovision winner Ruslana has always been a major political activist in Ukraine for many years. The current political situation between Russia and Ukraine has seen her take on an International role in coordinating support for Ukraine. With the Ukrainian Day of Independence approaching – August 24 – Ruslana has posted this message to her social media.

“24th of August – Independence Day of Ukraine

Ukraine cannot celebrate because of daily deaths of Ukrainians
Ukraine cannot make artificial events and spend extra money for their conduct…. It is no use to anyone.

During Russian aggression, while part of the world is still asleep, when crisis of the global security and the lack of common grounds in the World cannot stop Russian aggression in regards to the destruction of Ukraine, Ukraine should start voicing the most important:

– Where everything is headed
– What could happen in the Fall
– What is the way out
– Urge the world to act and take action more actively worldwide

All Ukrainian communities and diplomats, political leaders and activists – to mobilize our ALLIES. All activity will start in September. What worries me is where everyone will get information about Ukraine?
Ukraine must speak out about its future and the future of the world, because it is most affected by the lack of action directed to stop Russian aggression.

On this day, August 24th, it is vital to show Ukraine’s stand in the main areas:
1. How to stop Putin (even I am already aware of certain economic movies which could definitely put him in the screeching halt, why do politicians not speak about this publicly – is a mystery). We need common position of the key countries, which support us and openly show it to the world – Canada, United States, Great Britain, Poland, Sweden and Netherlands. We need their common position and action.

2. Show military specification of equipment, strategy and tactics of the professional Russian army. What “separatists” are we talking about? It is powerful Russian Special Forces, who can eat frogs and drink swamp water, which does nothing to them. This is a special training. Or are we going to keep running at snipers with wooden sticks?

3. Explain that there is no Civil War, and that people from the East and South, including Crimea were cheated and used because of their non awareness of the real situation. They still do not understand the situation fully.

4. Scream about the potential energy crisis. We need to take all necessary energy and energy efficiency measures to prepare for the “cold” season.

5. Show that we are not slaves and not victims of the Putin-KGB technologies, and we will not be caught by fishing rods of sabotage and will not let the degree of nervousness increase, which can cause irritation and hatred in the society.

Grief and pain of Ukraine is used in a game even by “our own” politicians. Everyone “from the old Yanukovych’s administration” wants to stay in power and even ready to detach a piece of the Carpathians, to keep what he wants. Is this private property? This is Ukraine, and according to the Constitution and legislation, nobody has any right to hide behind technologies and shake up the region, bring it to the crisis, in order to make it your own.

It does not matter who is tired and who is resting, who is working and who is already bored. Ukraine needs strong promotional day, which will unite Europeans and people around the world, media and politicians, before Putin “throws us” something else.

Putin scares the world by saying that Ukraine is in chaos, crisis, “they do not stand alone, can’t do anything, everything is ruined, Civil War (militia does not want fascists) and all the other ridiculousness of propaganda. Monitor and study his constant slander. The world should see Ukraine through the eyes of Ukrainians and not Putin’s eyes.

August 24 – on this day – Ukraine needs to get on the world’s news and we have to do exactly what will help us in the fight:

1) Ordinary people are not always aware of the authenticity of certain events. We need to inform them about us and Ukraine.
2) The media often writes and shows what they want and describe their own understanding of the situation. It is not always true.

Putin recently spent 55 million on propaganda against Ukraine.
We are still hanging in there and fighting, and on that day each of us can make the world and especially Putin understand that we are independent!

On August 12 my team and I will give you what we propose for everyone to do on that day. And if you trust me, as someone who is constantly talking about Ukraine and protecting it’s imagine on the arenas around the world, try to understand my logic, and why I am suggesting for everyone to do certain things precisely on that day – August 24. My team and I will propose something that surely will embrace your attention, promote respect and cause to think about the fate of Ukraine and the world.”


Ruslana won Eurovision in 2004 with the song ‘Wild Dances’ and has been a member of the Ukrainian parliament.


Author/Editor in Chief – Garrett Mulhall

Source : Ruslana Facebook

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