Eurovision 2014

Donatan & Cleo sweep Music Award Nominations and launch a Fashion Line

Donatan and Cleo - ESKA Awards. Photo : Donatan Facebook

Donatan and Cleo – ESKA Awards. Photo : Donatan Facebook

Poland : Donatan & Cleo are riding the wave of success following their milk churning performance at Eurovision 2014. Their followers on Facebook seem to be ever-growing and from across the globe.

Following their success in bringing Poland to the Grand Final of Eurovision this year, the Duo have gone on to create the Donatan & Cleo brand and with that Polish Music Award nominations have come their way.

They have been nominated in the ESKA Music Awards in Poland that will be held this Friday August 22nd in Szczecin. You can vote for them in the following categories

  • BEST HIT – ‘My Word’ – Donatan & Cleo
  • BEST ARTIST NETWORK – Donatan & Cleo
  • BEST VIDEO – Donatan & Cleo – ‘My Slowianie’
  • BEST VIDEO – Donatan & Cleo & Sitek – ‘Chica Woda’

You can cast your votes HERE


Donatan & Cleo have been busy building up their brand and a Fashion accessories line has come into existence at Urban City. Is there no stopping this team?

Donatan has revealed on Facebook that Cleo and him have recorded 32 tracks for Cleo’s new album and 14 of them will make the cut. They are now the #1 Music Social Media network in Poland. I have to admit that Donatan’s Facebook page is a daily treat for me.

What next for the Dynamic Duo?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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