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ABBA – ‘The 25 Undiscovered Gems’ Brought To The Market

ABBA 'The 25 Undiscovered Gems'. Photograph courtesy of Greg Kemp

ABBA ‘The 25 Undiscovered Gems’. Photograph courtesy of Greg Kemp

ABBA – ‘The 25 Undiscovered Gems’ is brought to the market in advance of the release of their 1979 Wembley Concert on Digibook, CD and Vinyl is available for you to download now.

Agnetha herself has been promoting this 25 song playlist that is on Spotify below.

“Brilliant and timeless as their sequence of hit singles remains, the ABBA catalogue contains a vast array of other highlights, spread across their eight studio albums released in eight years, live recordings, and many other collectables such as non-album b-sides, original Swedish language versions and more.”

Most of the tracks have been largely unheard over the decades. In the playlist from uDiscover there is a selection of songs from all eight studio albums between 1973’s ‘Ring Ring’ and 1981’s ‘The Visitors,’ the Swedish recordings of their early hits ‘Honey Honey’ and ‘Ring, Ring’ and tracks that were never originally on albums (although they have been added to subsequent deluxe reissues).

New to some people will be ‘Lovelight’ (the b-side of ‘Chiquitita’), ‘Cassandra’ (on the reverse of ‘The Day Before You Came’) and another late period number, ‘You Owe Me One,’ which resided on the flipside of Abba’s last widely-released single, ‘Under Attack.’

There is also a live version of ‘The Way Old Friends Do,’ recorded at the Wembley concert that will be released shortly as we told you of recently.

What better way to get the weekend started with this Abba playlist.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : uDiscoverMusic

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