Eurovision 2014

We Continue our Softengine “Man Crush” with their Eurovision Follow-Up ‘Yellow House’ Video

Softengine 'Yellow House'. Photo : Softengine Facebook

Softengine ‘Yellow House’. Photo : Softengine Facebook

It is no secret that we have a serious case of ‘Man Crush’ on the guys from Softengine following their adventures at Eurovision 2014. The ‘difficult second song’ well isn’t so difficult for our Finnish group, as ‘Yellow House’ has rocketed into the charts.

The band came to our attention with ‘Something Better’ at Eurovision this year and we have been fans ever since that first skype interview with them earlier in the year. They come back with the amazing electro/pop/rock song ‘Yellow House’.

They have talent far beyond their years and are certainly reminding me of ‘Coldplay’ and the legends ‘Simple Minds’. What sets the band out from others this year are their lyrics. They are well thought out and at no point pander to the easy option of settling for clichés.

Add to this they guys know how to write a killer hook in their songs. ‘Yellow House’ is instantly catchy and memorable and leaves me every time wanting to chant along as this is another anthemic song.


Softengine #1. Photo : iTunes

Softengine #1. Photo : iTunes


It seems that we are not the only people who like the guys. ‘Yellow House’ was released on Friday 13th and it wasn’t unlucky for them as the song hit the #1 spot on the download charts in Finland.

As for the lyric video – well what is not to like. Tuomo continues to be the most energetic drummer that we have seen in a long time and thank the Lord for him #Awesome. Ossi, Eero and Henri all show just how cool the band are. As for Topi – well he is chained up for most of the video. Firstly chains never looked so good on someone before and secondly I hope the rest of the guys gave him the key to unlock himself. If not I also double job as a locksmith #JustSaying!

Softengine continue to be one of the best bands in my opinion to come from Eurovision in some time and I expect these guys to become more successful – and rightly so.

You can get your copy of ‘Yellow House’ on iTunes and Spotify

‘Yellow House’ is our recommendation of the week.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland



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