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UKRAINE : Ani Lorak Courts A Political Fine Line With Her Video For ‘Maljvi’

Ani Lorak 'Maljvi'. Photo : YouTube

Ani Lorak ‘Maljvi’. Photo : YouTube

UKRAINE – Ani Lorak has ditched her usual ‘Shady Lady’ dance tracks for her new song ‘Maljvi’ with a video that has people divided.

You would need to be living underneath a rock if you have not seen the growing political situation between Ukraine and Russia. Lorak – who came second at Eurovision in 2008 – has released a new song and video that has many people questioning her intentions.

‘Maljvi’ or ‘Flowers’ is a ballad telling the tale of a mother’s loss when her son dies at war. Lorak lost her own brother in the Afghanistan War and therefore this song is personal to her.

The video for the song is dramatic and graphic and has started a lot of discussion. Simply the video intertwines a Mother with her young song and then real life footage of wars throughout history from Vietnam to Maidan in Kyiv.

People are divided on the video – some praising her for her sympathy while others see her as cashing in on the International PR of the Ukrainian grief and loss. Some have questioned why she has now released such a video while during the Maidan events she did not come out onto the streets or on the media – like other Ukrainian Media Stars – most notably Ruslana.

The debate is set to continue if you look at the comments on YouTube.


What do you think of the video and the accusations being made against Lorak?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Plitkar

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