Eurovision 2014

SWEDEN : Sanna Nielsen’s Eurovision Follow-Up Drops the ‘S’ Bomb #LoveIt

Sanna Nielsen - Rainbow. Photo : YouTube

Sanna Nielsen – Rainbow. Photo : YouTube


SWEDEN – Sanna Nielsen’s follow-up to her Eurovision song ‘Undo’ is here – well it has been for some time but following the success of ‘Undo’ it is getting the push from her record company.

‘Undo’ came third for Nielsen and saw her chart across many countries including going Top 40 in the United Kingdom. ‘Rainbow’ is the song that Nielsen hopes will build upon her international appearance at Eurovision 2014.

We get another ballad from the Chanteuse but this time we get one with more bite to it. Have we gone ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’ as we are not in Melodifestivalen anymore Toto. In the first two lines we get the “Sh” word bombed on us – but I rather like hearing those unlikely words from Sanna.

The song is full of fantastic 80’s electro synth beats and chords that were revived by that Australian Duo “Sound Garden”. We came across this live recording of the song at Nyhetsmorgon.



We are rather taken with this song! Maybe this song at Eurovision could have gone higher than 3rd place?

The song is taken from Nielsen’s ‘Undo’ EP but you can download the song separately now too – see HERE

What do you think of the song?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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