Eurovision 2014

SPAIN : Ruth Lorenzo’s ‘Dancing In The Rain’ on the German ‘Let’s Dance Grand Final’

Ruth Lorenco on "Come Dancing". Photo : RTVE

Ruth Lorenzo on “Come Dancing”. Photo : RTVE

SPAIN – Last night saw the Grand Final of ‘Let’s Dance’ in Germany. ‘Let’s Dance’ is the German version of the BBC show ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. Last night the Grand Final had a Eurovision vibe to it with one of the finalists.

World and European Figure Skating German medalist Tanja Szewczenko was last night’s runner-up on the German dancing show. She lost out to German Idol sing Alexander Klaws but she certainly added a Eurovision flavour to her Grand Final performances. 

In her Samba programme she shook her hips to The Eurovision Winning Abba’s ‘Dancing Queen’ – See HERE

However her Freestyle programme of Ruth Lorenzo’s Eurovision 2014 song ‘Dancing In The Rain’ is what had people talking about. Even Lorenzo took to Facebook and Twitter to compliment Szewczenko on her dance routine.

You can watch the ‘Dancing In The Rain’ performance HERE


You maybe seeing Lorenzo at Eurovision again!


Ruth Lorenzo and Pastora Soler. Photo : Twitter

Ruth Lorenzo and Pastora Soler. Photo : Twitter

In a recent interview on Spanish television RTVE, the Spanish singer said that she wants to make a return to Eurovision before 2017 and maybe with an uptempo song. If so we would like something like this – ‘The Night’

“I would like to repeat (the experience) The production and the technical staff were impressive and I really enjoyed the festival.”

She was happy to make the Top 10 at this year’s contest like her friend Pastora Soler did in 2012

So can we expect to see Lorenzo back at Eurovision within 3 years time? Could she win the contest for Spain? Is she the singer to bring Spain their third win at Eurovision?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland




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