Eurovision 2014

Eurovision Charity Song Released

Eurovision Charity Single for

Eurovision Charity Single for

This week has seen the release of a Eurovision Charity Single. Where and Who and What is it in aid of? Well we have all the details for you. When we heard of the worthy cause then we just had to tell you all about it.

‘Love Shine a Light’ was the winning Eurovision entry for the United Kingdom back in 1997. Performed then by Katrina and The Waves, this time around it gets a country flavour in the form of Lee Matthews – whom we have highlighted here on Eurovision Ireland before as a talent to keep your eyes on. Lee is now the most talked about young singer on the country scene who has written some great pop songs (Simon Webb from Blue wants him to go to London and write for him) and he penned a song called Magnetic as a potential Eurovision song 2 years ago.

Lee Matthews has donated a song to the growing charity mission, Join Our Boys. The singer was touched by the plight of the Naughton children from Co Roscommon (eight-year-old Archie and three-year-old twin boys George and Isaac), who were all diagnosed with Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) in 2012, Lee decided he had to help out.

During the launch of The Join Our Boys Trust a few weeks ago, organisers asked the entertainers present (a group which included Lee) if anyone knew the song ‘Love Shine a Light’ as it was the boys’ special song. This was a pleasant surprise for Lee, as he had already recorded the Katrina and the Waves’ winning Eurovision entry with top country music producer Jonathan Owens at Spout Studios last October. The initial intention was to release the song as his Christmas single for 2014.

On hearing that this song was so important to the boys he decided to donate the recording to the Join Our Boys Trust in the hope of raising vast sums of money for the three children. “It just felt like the right thing to do,” stated Lee this week. “It’s a small gesture but if it raises any money and if it helps in any way, I’ll be delighted.”

Archie (8) and his twin brothers George and Isaac (4) were all diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) on November 9 2012. DMD is a terminal disease. It has no treatment and has no cure. DMD means that unless treatments change, between the ages of 8 and 12 years the children will be paralysed. They will all require motorised wheel chairs. Currently in Ireland the average life expectancy is 19 – 22 years. Already this year two 10 year-old boys have died.

Love Shine a Light - Charity Single by Lee Matthews. Photo : Join Our Boys

Love Shine a Light – Charity Single by Lee Matthews. Photo : Join Our Boys

The song is available NOW to download on i-tunes HERE and is only 99 cent. All proceeds will be going to the Join Our Boys Charity to raise much-needed funds to help build a specialised home for the family, as well as the medical equipment for the boys. Lee is encouraging everyone to request the song from all of your local stations.

The song was released last Friday and is at #2 in the Irish Country Charts and just 20 copies behind the song in first place. Lee will be touring Ireland for tv and radio shows to promote the charity and the cause for the Naughton Family.

Lee Matthews. Photo : Lee Matthews Facebook

Lee Matthews. Photo : Lee Matthews Facebook

We just had to make Lee’s version of ‘Love Shine A Light’ our recommendation of the week. It might not be your favourite Eurovision winning song of all time but we ask you to support the Join Our Boys fundraising charity and instead of buying that bar of chocolate it would be great if you could download the song instead.

Make this your good deed for the week and get a copy of ‘Love Shine A Light’ today. I know three young boys that would be extremely grateful.

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Join Our Boys and Lee Matthews Music

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