Eurovision 2013

Eurovision Composer Steps Out Into the Spotlight to ‘Take My Body Close’

Michael James - Take My Body Close. Photo : Michael James Facebook

Michael James – Take My Body Close. Photo : Michael James Facebook

Eurovision composer steps out into the spotlight with his new song. ‘Take My Body Close” could be a threat or a promise if I was singing it but in this instance it is thankfully an invitation from a Eurovision composer familiar to many across Europe. Our good friend Michael James Down has teamed up with his regular songwriting partners to give us an early taste of summer with his new song ‘Take My Body Close’.

Now before we get onto the song, if you follow Eurovision throughout the European national selections, then the name of Michael James Down will be no surprise to you. He has been a composer of many fan favourites throughout the continent from Birgitta Haukdal’s (Icelandic Finalist 2013) song ‘Meðal Andanna’, to Samanta Tina’s (Latvian runner-up in 2013) “I Need A Hero” to Boris Covali’s (Moldovan runner-up) last year ‘Runaways’ – along with many others. Michael is no stranger to the Eurovision National Finals.


Gym Time With Michael James. Photo : Michael James Facebook

Gym Time With Michael James. Photo : Michael James Facebook

So this time around he has released the summer song ‘Take My Body Close’. Now I was wondering why every time I would speak to Michael he was always running to and from the gym – he was getting himself camera ready – Guapo! He will kill me for this picture but this song is great for Gym-Time. I digress, this song has that all important slice of sun, sea, sand and …..Sangria! I know what you people were thinking – naughty! Yes the song sees Michael team up with his fellow co-writers Primoz Poglajen and Niklas Hast for this catchy summer anthem.

The song was recorded in Stockholm and the video were shot in the south of Spain where Michael has lived and worked previously before returning to Northern Ireland. This is “Bombo – Part Dos”. I am a complete sucker for an accordion with a dance beat. Pure unadulterated pop music that makes me want to take my shirt off on the beach and have a Fiesta. Ok on second thoughts the shirt stays on as I want to avoid the ‘Free Willy’ comments!

This is a song for the i-pod and for the beach. So to get you in the mood for your summer holidays you need to stock up on sun tan lotion and Michael’s ‘Take My Body Close’. You can now download the song on I-Tunes HERE and on Spotify HERE

Want to find out more about Michael then make sure to follow him on his Official Facebook Page and YouTube Channel.

Are you ready for Summer? I am now!


Author/Editor In Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland


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