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ROMANIA : Ovi Promised us an Album and He Delivers – Review

A Bit Of Pop Won't Hurt Anyone. Photo : Ovi Spotify

A Bit Of Pop Won’t Hurt Anyone. Photo : Ovi Spotify

ROMANIA – You may remember that we interviewed Ovi and Paula in Copenhagen a couple of weeks ago? We asked if we could expect more collaborations and an album from the duo. “Yes” was the answer and Ovi has now delivered!


“A Bit of Pop Won’t Hurt Anyone” is the name of the 9 track album and it includes several duets between Ovi and Paula and other artists. The track list is as follows

1. Miracle – feat. Paula Seling
2. One Day
3. Girl – feat. Philip Halloun
4. She’s After My Piano – feat. Paula Seling
5. Dirty Beautiful
6. Calling You – feat. Paula Seling
7. We Got Something – feat. Paula Seling
8. Broken
9. Miracle (Acoustic) – feat. Paula Seling




‘Miracle’ – What can we say about this song that you have not heard already. Pure pop that brought the first holographic performance to Eurovision. Piano driven pop and a worthy qualifier at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

‘One Day’ – This is a taste of summer all wrapped up in 3 minutes. A song that has that sing-a-long vibe to it that had me swaying here on a rainy day in Dublin.

‘Girl’ featuring Philip Halloun. This song uses and manipulates the voice to great effect. It is not something that you may have heard from Ovi before but that is why I like it.

‘She’s After My Piano’ featuring Paula Seling. This is the piano version of ‘Mr Saxobeat’ and I have to say that this uptempo song has a funky vibe to it that I could imagine Daft Punk producing. This goes top of my playlist for sure. You may remember this song as Ovi composed it for the Belgian National Selection of 2014. It may not have won but it went to #1 in Belgium. Oh ‘Mother’ this could have been a Eurovision Grand finalist!

‘Dirty Beautiful’ – What I like about this song is that it allows you to hear the nuances of Ovi’s voice as he goes into his falsetto during the track. With a heavier bass line to the song this has some bite to it especially with the electro vibe to the song. Ovi gets his groove on.

‘Calling You’ featuring Paula Seling.You cannot deny that Ovi and Paula’s voices gone hand in hand like a cool glass of gin and tonic. There is a great feel of the 80’s with the synth resonating throughout this song.

‘We Got Something’ featuring Paula Seling. A lot of light and shade with this song between the verses and chorus which always makes a song more interesting. These songs are so accessible. If you like pop music then you will like this.

‘Broken’ – An unexpected delight. An electro ballad that reminded me of the likes of Erasure’s “Always”. How do you write a ballad that you want to dance to? That is what Ovi has done.

‘Miracle’ (Acoustic) featuring Paula Seling. Is it wrong to actually like this acoustic version more than the full version that we heard at Eurovision? This is where a good pop song shows how strong it is when it is stripped bare. The melody and vocals shine through more in this version. It has the feeling of spending a lazy Sunday in a cafe or beer garden. #LoveIt

What I do like is that Ovi has asked the question of what is wrong with a little ‘pop’ music? People sometimes write pop music off as being disposable and lacking any depth or credibility. However writing a good pop song is a craft and one that so few people can do. If music is easily accessible to people and ‘pop-ular’ then really why should we look at it as being less worthy of your attention.

After one listen to the album I was hooked on many of the songs. Mission accomplished Ovi!

Well worth a listen and you can do that on Spotify and Deezer and then you can purchase the album CDON.COM

Pop is not a dirty word. Give ‘A Bit of Pop Won’t Hurt Anyone’ a listen.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland



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