Eurovision 2014

PHOTO GALLERY: Irish party (and Molly) – were you there?

Many delegations host parties to welcome delegates and ex-pats from their own country.  It’s a good way to sample some of the culture and, of course, to show what a great host a particular country would make should it win.

The busy people at Eurovision Ireland not only interviewed Molly – it will appear later – but afterwards went to the Irish party at the Shamrock pub in central Copenhagen.  Are you here?

But first, here’s the UK’s Molly showing her support for Ireland


Meanwhile, at the Shamrock, is this Georgian you?


You could be local



Are you Marty Whelan?



You could be Norwegian



Or Maltese


Or here as a family



Let us know if any of these are you.

Eurovision Ireland also went to another party with plenty more of you photographed.  Stay tuned for more later.


Author: John Stanton

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